• Celebrating Christmas in Different Parts of India.

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    Table of Content

    1. Introduction
    2. Places To Visit In India During Christmas
    3. Modes of Transport
    4. Safety Norms Followed By Chiku Cab
    5. Advantages of Hiring a Vehicle by Chiku Cab
    6. Conclusion


    The most precise quote to fit for India is ‘Unity in Diversity, and you can literally feel this sentiment if you are ever planning to travel throughout the country. Being a multi-religious faith country, a lot of festivals are celebrated in India with equal pompousness and enthusiasm. It’s the month of December, and the festival of Christmas is no exception. Here is a list of a few cities wherein the celebrations of Christmas happen in full swing.

    Places to Visit in India during Christmas

    • Goa

    The fun-frolic, party, and tourist hub of India, Goa is the ultimate location one can go to spend the Christmas vacation in India. The top three things you can do in Goa during Christmas are:

    1. Missa Da Galo: Goa, being a Portugal colony in the earlier days, has around 400 churches around the state. Midnight Mass is one of the common trends followed in Goa, even in which Basilica of Bom Jesus, the oldest church in India, is jam-packed. The sermon starts at around 10 pm, but try to reach them as early as possible to book a seat for yourself. The whole night post the mass is celebrated with sharing of festive wishes and singing of hymns and carols.
    2. Firework Show: Old Goa is the highlight of the festive season. Beaches like Anjuna Beach, where the Christmas party floats till dawn, is a visual paradise when it comes to beach decoration in amazing colors and the beautiful firework shows following the Mass.
    3. Enjoy Goan Food: Goa is pretty well-known for its chocolate cakes, and during Christmas, these homemade chocolate cakes are a level beyond the usual cakes. Along with cakes, one should also try to relish Goan dishes like Coloured Marzipan, Bebinca, Neuros, Dodol, and Bath!

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    • Shillong

    The Christian population is dense in the north-eastern part of India, of which Shillong is a part. You can visit churches like Shillong Catholic Cathedral, Laitmukrah Presbyterian Church, All Saints Church, and many more for the midnight Mass, which is delivered till early in the morning.

    • Pondicherry

    Being a former French colony, the French practices of celebrating Christmas are followed to date in Pondicherry. The whole union territory is in the festive mood during Christmas, with the smallest of lanes being decorated and illuminated. Church of The Sacred Heart of Jesus, Immaculate Conception Cathedral, and Our Lady of Assumption Church offer whole night mass service to deliver an amazing Christmas Festive experience in Pondicherry.

    • Kerala

    Kerala consists of quite a number of Christian populations of India, making it an apt place to spend your Christmas holidays. The locals celebrate the festival of Christmas by attending midnight mass, eating a lavish dinner together, exchanging gifts and cakes, and also decorating their houses to welcome Christmas.

    • Mumbai

    Regarded as one of the best cosmopolitan cities in the world, Christmas is celebrated with a lot of frolic and enthusiasm in Mumbai. All the streets are well lit and decorated. One can visit churches like Saint Michaels Church, Our Lady of Victoria Church, Saint Andrews Church, Mount Mary Church, and a lot more to attend the midnight mass. One just cannot afford to miss out on the energy level Mumbai shows during all festivals, especially during Christmas.

    • Kolkata

    Though the population of Christians is not that high in Kolkata, the trend of following Christmas festivities is equal to the energy levels shown during the celebration of Durga Puja. The locals give their best to celebrate this festival in the traditional form and decorate the city like no other.

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    • Bangalore

    If you are in Bangalore this Christmas, experience the grandeur of Christmas by visiting Holy Trinity Church, Saint Marks, and Saint Mary’s Basilica, and other churches. Bangalore is even well known to serve delicious Christmas delicacies. The vibe in Bangalore during Christmas is just on another level.

    • Sikkim

    Though the celebrations of Christmas are not all that happening in Sikkim, the nature and weather in December at Sikkim is worth a visit. You can visit places like Gurudongmar Lake, Zuluk, Teesta River, Tsomgo Lake, and various other beautiful scenic places in Sikkim.

    • Manali

    Manali has a decent Christian population that celebrates Christmas in snow, serenity, and peacefulness. If you are a cold climate lover, Manali is the apt place for you to visit during December. You are sure to enjoy the festivities of Christmas on this hill station.

    • Chennai

    With home to famous churches like Velankanni Church, Saint Andrew’s Church, Santhome Church, etc., Christmas is celebrated with great pompous in Chennai. Like every other major city in India, Chennai has local delicacies which one cannot miss out on relishing during Christmas.

    • Dadra And Nagar Haveli

    Placed in between Gujarat and Maharashtra, the union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli is another place to celebrate Christmas like never before. The celebrations here are quirky, so pack your bags and get ready for an off-beat Christmas celebration here.

    Modes of Transport

    With Chiku Cab in service, all your worries about commuting can be put at rest. We offer the ultimate, top-notch, and comfortable vehicles to suit all your requirement and budget. Right from a hunchback, sedan, or SUV, we even have tempo travelers in our fleet. You can make use of our services for intra as well as inter-city travel. At Chiku Cab, we promise to make your Christmas Vacation travel a comfortable and memorable one.

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    Safety Norms Followed By Chiku Cab

    • All our vehicles are well sanitized before and after every journey.
    • A sufficient amount of burn-out time is given to all vehicles making the possibility of cross-contamination almost negligible.
    • All our drivers wear face masks at all times during the journey. Also, all the passengers are encouraged to follow the same protocol.
    • All the drivers provided by Chiku Cab are Covid 19 vaccinated, and a constant temperature check is carried out for all our staff members.

    Advantages of Hiring a Vehicle from Chiku Cab

    • Luxurious and Comfortable
    • Enough of luggage space
    • Pet-friendly
    • Affordable and reliable
    • A huge fleet of cars to select from
    • Transparent Billing System
    • Easy Booking via website or phone
    • Rates inclusive of fuel and driver


    With winter vacations setting in, try to make the best of your time. Above given is a small list of places you can enjoy going to celebrate Christmas the traditional yet the quirky way. You can always rely on Chiku Cab for a wonderful travel experience.

    Happy Winter Vacations and Merry Christmas to all of you!




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