• Happy Holi! A festival that brings joy to our lives

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    Holi festival got its name from the well-known ‘Holika’. Once upon a time a king named ‘Hiranyakashap’ used to be the king of devils.

    Because of his long penance, this boon has been received from Lord Brahma, which can kill him in the day, neither in the night, nor in the house, nor outside, nor on the earth, nor in the sky, nor through the weapon, nor through the scriptures.

    He misses used his powers, he started being cruel to the lives on earth. He forced everyone to worship him not any other God.

    He had a son named ‘Prahlaad’. His son was a dedicated Lord Vishnu devotee. He worshiped only him. Harnayakashap got very angry seeing that people outside worshiped him and his own son did not worship him.

    He started threatening his son but he didn’t mind. He still kept on worshiping Lord Vishnu. He even made many attempts to kill his son but each one failed.

    At last, he tried once more to kill him, he requested his sister to sit with his son in the fire, she sat with him and covered herself with the sheet that can protect her from the fire and let Prahlad burn into it. But Prahlaad was a devotee of Lord Vishnu, so Prahlaad was saved from the fire and Holika got burned. Lord Vishnu, after then killed Harnayakashap too. So, every year Holika Dahan ritual is performed a day before Holi.

    Playing with colors started when Lord Krishna along with his besties started playing Holi. At that time colors were made up of natural flowers. Since that time Holi festival is celebrated by all in India with great enthusiasm.

    Best places to celebrate Holi 2023

    Mathura and Vrindavan

    A festival is denoted as the festival of Colors and a symbol of love. Love is incomplete without discussing Radha & Krishna.

    To celebrate this festival of colors and love, what could be a better place than Radha Krishna’s brag? Holi in Mathura &Vrindavan is celebrated for 40 days.

    In Barsana’slathmaar and laddumaar, Nandgaon’slathmaar, Baaki Bihari temple in Vrindavan and finally Hauranga of Dauji are legendary.

    Holi begins at Banke Bihari temple and another major temple on Rangbharniekadashiwith Gulaland water. Devotees visit here and repeat only one word again and again while dancing and enjoying the fun of the Colors of Holi ‘Radhe Radhe’.

    To experience the unique celebration of Holi in Mathura and Vrindavanbook our outstation cab services.

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    Holi, the festival of Colors, is an ancient Hindu festival that is also celebrated by Non-Hindus all over India.

    Holika Dahan is a religious ritual performed a day before Holi in front of the bonfire. The next morning, the festival of Holi begins in which people gathered together and play with colors.

    Various crazy Holi parties are hosted in Mumbai city. A party includes music, food, colors, a pool, a rain dance, etc.

    People mostly dress in white to make the colors on them visible clearly and have a proper feel of this festival.

    The best places for Holi Bash in Mumbai are Imagica, Bora Bora Holi bash, COLORLAND-Thane’s biggest Holi festival, Rang Barse Holi at Country Club, Holi Pool party 2.0-Silverador Resort Club. To celebrate a relaxing Holi in Mumbai book a car on rent with Chiku Cab.


    The festival was full of joy and enthusiasm. Holi is one of the biggest festivals in India with colors and water.

    Rain dances, pool parties, music, food, and fusion drinks are the insertion into Holi parties. Finest Holi events in Chennai are at BIG BANG Holi Festival-The Park Chennai, RANG BARSE-MGM beach resort, and Rang De Basnti-Island Ground.

    Have fun with friends and family this Holi. Sri Parthasarathy Temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna is visited by devotees to celebrate Holi every year. Fortravelling to amazing Holi celebration venues hires your favorite car on rent.


    Holi in Udaipur is celebrated for two days. Starting with Holika Dahan known as Mewar Holika Dahan is celebrated at City Palace by Mewar King and his family.

    A folk dance, ‘Gair’ is performed by the locals around the bonfire. Royal guests, VIPs, and dignitaries are invited to attend this event.

    The next day main Holi festival is celebrated with colors, water balloons, water guns, etc. Special kinds of sweets are made on this day.

    City palace, Fateh Sagar, and GangaurGhatthese places celebrate Holi with traditional dance and music performances. Reserve the best taxi service in Udaipur for witnessing the Holi celebration.


    The most underrated spot to celebrate Holi, but it actually has a massive celebration during the Holi festival.

    It could be an ideal destination to celebrate Holi in South India. Begins with Holika Dahan, people gathered together to enjoy and have fun.

    Foreigners even celebrate festivals of color here with great enthusiasm. Celebrations are done on each street with drumming, dancing, and applying dry and wet colors to each other.

    After the celebration people jump into the river to take bath to put off the colors. Overall, a great experience, to enjoy this experience book a reliable outstation cab.

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    New Delhi

    People coalesce and color each other with herbal colors. The Festival of Holi is mainly to showcase love, care, and respect for each other.

    Famous deserts like ‘Gujiya’ and ‘Thandai’ are taken by all on this day. Best Holi parties conducted in Delhi include Holi Bash 2.0, Holi Sholi 2023, Rang Rasiya, The Holi@ Downtown Resorts, Holi Spirit 2023, Not so Holi, Holi Hai @ Aqua, Holi Bash, Rang De.

    Parties are full of vibrant vibes, herbal colors, and delicious food, dancing numbers, etc. Give us the chance to be your travel partner on this Holi by booking our well-maintained cabs.


    Pink and Royal city celebrates Holi in a unique and royal way. The temples like Govind Dev ji, the most well-known temple of Jaipur celebrate Holi with rose petals and herbal colors.

    ‘Radhe Krishna’ chanting is done by all the devotees while dancing and playing with the colors. Dishes like Papdi, Gujuya, and sweet Shakharpara are made especially on this day.

    Holi here also is celebrated for two days, the first day is for Holika Dahan and the second day to play Holi is known as ‘Dhulandi’.

    The best places for Holi celebration in Jaipur are IMF-Holi Carnival 2023, HOLIFIED 2023, HoliKumbh Jaipur 2023, Holiya Re Party, and Holifest 2023. Choose the easiest to get taxi service in Jaipur to move to your desired location to celebrate Holi.


    Markets full of water guns, balloons, colors, and many other props used to celebrate Holi. This is the vibe of Dehradun during Holi.

    People of different castes and creeds join hands together and celebrate this festival of Holi with full energy. Whether kids, old age or youngsters all of them wait for this festival every year.

    A different kind of positive vibration is filled in people all over. Opt for affordable cab services to enjoy Holi in Dehradun. Places to have fun in Dehradun during Holi are the Holi Moo festival – Dehradun, and Mayfair Holi Fest.


    A dramatic and colorful festival is celebrated with near and dear ones. A city that is jeweled with a monument of love ‘The Taj Mahal’ embrace the festival of Holi with zeal.

    Enjoy delicious food like Thandai, Bhujiya, PuranPoli, Dahi-Bhalle, and Dhaniya-Alloo along with playing colors and dancing to Bollywood music.

    The electrified atmosphere on this day compels everyone to indulge themselves in the fun-loving celebration of Holi.

    People visit their relatives’ place in the evening after the celebration and exchange sweets. Many devotees visit their nearby temples for Holi celebrations with their deities. To visit your close ones reserve the fastest taxi service in Agra.

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    Holi celebration at the ‘City of Nawabs’ is accomplished by kavisammelanand other traditional programs in the evening after playing from colors.

    Holi brings people of each caste close and no difference is felt on that day. Colorful streets, a whole day and evening with a huge celebration, and tasty food, altogether make Holi a memorable festival of the year.

    Celebrate Holi in Lucknow at events like Jashn-e-Holi, Rang De Lucknow, Holify season 5, and Holi Sundowner. Enjoy rain dances, pool parties, and yummy food at these party venues. Travel with the safest cab services in Lucknow.


    Boys and girls have fun all around the city with their bikes, cars, open jeep, tractors, and bullock carts.

    Coloring each other and singing their hearts loud is the tradition to celebrate Holi in Chandigarh.

    The Holi celebration at Chandigarh is energetic as the surroundings and even people over there are full of energy.

    The best Holi party venues in Chandigarh are Malang The Family Holi Fest 2023, Highway Holi 2023, Holi Fest Rang De Chandigarh, Life in Color 2023, Holi Takeover, and Rang Barse. Fill your Holi celebration with great zeal and book a stress-free ride with Chiku Cab.


    Holi celebration at this popular hill station is a grand event. The Ridge in Shimla, a huge wide open area at the center of the city is the main venue for the Holi celebration, where each one plays with colors, indulges themselves in traditional songs and dance, other entertainment activities, and eats street food vendors.

    For more privacy, there are many other places that also conduct Holi parties in Shimla. The best entertainment places during Holi in Shimla are Sangla Holi, Holi-SanglaKe Rang, Holi party, and Holi Fest. To reach your destination this Holi doesn’t forget to book your ride with Chiku Cab.


    Have a colorful and fun-filled Holi celebration this year in Gurgaon. Two day Holi event in Gurgaon will be a great experience.

    The most awaited festival in India, witness great enthusiasm amongst the people of Gurgaon. The festival begins with spiritual rituals and then ends up with playing with dry and wet colors.

    It is a whole day event in which mornings are enjoyed with colors, delicious food, and dance and evenings are for meeting with relatives and friends.

    The events conducted in Gurgaon are Rang Leela, Holi Fest, Rang Rage 2.0, NAKS Holi Mahotsav, and Not So Holi. Hire the most booked taxi services in India.

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    Colorful and happy faces show it all. The Holi festival brings joy and happiness with itself. It is celebrated all over India in a splendid way.

    A festival that is celebrated by all irrespective of their caste. This festival is not only celebrated by people but also by God and their devotees.

    This festival denotes the power of good over evil. Excellent Holi parties to take place in Noida are Imperfecto Holi, Holi celebration 2023, and Holi Mahotsav.

    To experience Holi in Noida at the best venues book a worthy cab for you with Chiku Cab.


    The excitement of the Holi festival remains the same throughout India. All the rituals are performed with full dedication and faith.

    Holi festival gives an opportunity to every adult to satisfy the child inside themselves and enjoy colors and water. Kids are too over excited as they celebrate this festival for more than a day.

    They play Holi at school, coaching centers; society, and where they have friends. They begin to fill balloons with water the night before and are fully ready for the Holi celebration.

    Holi in Ghaziabad at events like Bura Na Mano Holi Hai, Holi Musical Night, Holi Beats 2023, and Holi Circus 2023. To book taxi services please contact 844-844-5504.


    Different colors of Holi signify unity in diversity. Each color is different but is used together to play and make the festival full of enthusiasm.

    Different cities have different ways of celebrating this festival. A slight change is there in each city.

    As this festival marks the end of the winter season and the arrival of spring, similar love and care inside each one come to their peak.

    The best events of Holi in Pune are Pune Color festival 5.0, Sky High Holi Hai, Holidae 3.0, Lai BhariHoli, and Holi Hungama. Enjoy the positivity of this festival with cab services in Pune. And, More information our website https://chikucab.com