• A well spent evening at Chennai Beaches

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    Beaches are relaxing places. Best place to unwind after a long tiring day. It is a place that brings joy to every member of the family. The pleasant atmosphere at the beaches creates positive energy in the mind.

    Chennai is surrounded by some breathtaking beaches that attract many visitors of all age groups to themselves. The clean blue water, sand, and waves need to be visited to feel their tremendous mind-blowing vibrations.

    The scenic view gets better as you approach these beautiful beaches. At these beaches, one can enjoy water sports and many other activities with tasty delicacies. To have fun at Chennai beaches book the best outstation cab service.

    Water Sports available are:

    • Surfing
    • Boating
    • Parasailing
    • Snorkeling
    • Backwater cruise

    The best beaches to visit in Chennai are:

    1. Marina Beach: The beach is located on the eastern side of Chennai. It is the longest and most beautiful beach in India. Many tourists visit this beach every year.
    2. Visitors enjoy and have a lot of fun at the waves coming up to the Marina beach. It serves tasty seafood at very reasonable prices. It has a lighthouse.
    3. One can also witness the idols of great personalities. Explore Marina beach with us, for booking download Chiku Cab mobile app.

    Activities to do are:

    • Swings for kids
    • Games to play
    • Enjoy seafood
    • Have deep-fried sweet potato and other munching items
    • Toys shopping for kids
    • Witness small acts like moving on the rope, etc.
    • Enjoy horse riding
    • Feel the waves touching the feet
    • Smart bikes along with instructions to use it are available. Try and enjoy it.

    Nearby places to visit:

    • Anna Memorial
    • G.R Memorial
    • Light House
    • Vivekananda House

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    1. Elliot’s Beach: This beach is named after Edward Elliot who was Chief Magistrate and SP of Chennai during colonial India.
    2. This beach is located next to the Southern tip of Marina beach. It is also known as Besant Nagar Beach.
    3. It has a memorial spot for Karl Smith who sacrificed his life to save others from drowning. There is a fish-style artwork displayed on the beach. This beach has many cafes and restaurants to have good food. It’s a perfect place for weekend getaways.

    Activities to do:

    • Boating
    • Surfing
    • Sunbathing
    • Relaxing at the seashore
    • Watch amazing sea water and twinkling stars at night

    Must try things:

    • Coffee at Mud coffee
    • Masala soda
    • MirchiBhajiya
    • Games at the beach
    • Horse riding

    1. Thiruvanmiyur Beach: This is a less crowded and more peaceful beach. It has the best beach street food. It is the primary public attraction of the area. Beaches are the best option to beat the summer hot and humid climate. This beach is not as big as Marina or Elliot’s. The best place to spend your free time. This beach is mostly visited for sunrise and sunset. It also attracts nature lovers towards itself. For online cab booking please contact 844-844-5504.

    Things to do:

    • Games that can make you remember your childhood
    • Try amazing and fresh street food
    • Try cotton candy
    • Smart Bike Cycling
    • Moruthatha’sbuttermilk
    • Visit the famous Marundeeswarar temple

    Nearby established areas are:

    • Guindy
    • Velachery
    • Taramani
    • Madikappam
    • Nanganallur
    • Perungudi

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    1. Golden Beach: A beach with a unique and attractive entrance with a decorative gate and 108 pillars on both sides during the entrance. Have a golden morning at a golden beach. It is one of the cleanest beaches. It has an amusement park and a zoo which can be a great excitement for kids and youngsters. It is a huge place; enjoying it completely would take a day.

    Things to do:

    • Enjoy rides at an amusement park
    • Visit the zoo to know about different species of animals
    • Do click pictures at the grand entry
    • Enjoy the delicious food
    • Relax at the beach during the evening hours

    1. Kovalam Beach: A beach that is 50 km away from Chennai is Kovalam beach. It is a paradise for seafood lovers. They serve all fresh catch. The ambiance is peaceful. The pathway to move towards the coast is well built with the dustbin on both sides to maintain cleanness. One can enjoy fresh juices, coconut water, tea, snacks, etc. This beach has beautiful surroundings for photoshoots. It has clean changing rooms and a restroom that can be used after taking bath. It has a proper first aid station to take care of any kind of accident. Book a cab package in Chennai with Chiku Cab to avail best services.

    Things to do:

    • Try fried fish
    • Enjoy typical south Indian food
    • Kids have fun at the park with swings
    • Try surfing

    1. Palavokkam Beach: Beach is exclusively known for its sunset or sunrise view.The best place to visit with friends and family to have fun. It is always calming and relaxing, watching the ocean. The ocean there is named as ‘Bay of Bengal’. It is located in the South of Chennai on East Coast road. This beach comes under the category of a less crowded beach. The center of attraction would be the old temple situated on the beach. Along with the beach, one can even visit nearby attractions like temples, parks, snow kingdom, national park, etc.

    Things to do:

    • Visit nearby temple
    • Have mouth-watering food at street food
    • Morning and evening walk
    • Sunbathing in a quiet and peaceful environment

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    1. Neelankarai Beach: A beach situated at Kapaleeswararnagar one of the spotless beaches in Chennai. To get relaxed and stressed free do visit this beach as it has a calm and peaceful environment. This beach has gained popularity among visitors. It can be visited between 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. If someone wants complete silence at the beach for relaxation then visit during weekdays, as weekends are crowded. As time passes, this beach has improved itself a lot with increased cleanness, the introduction of many activities for kids, providing fresh and tasty food, etc. Book a cab with us to have complete knowledge about the places of your travel.

    Things to do:

    • Eat kulfi from any vendor
    • Do play small games
    • Taste the lip-smacking food
    • Rides for kids

    1. Kottivakkam Beach: White clouds, clean blue water, and brown sand, all together make it a perfect scenic view. This beach comes up with a different aura. The peaceful environment fills up your mind with great positivity. Beaches provide many different kinds of experiences it takes one close to nature too, calms the mind, makes you get in touch with local vendors to know about their way of living and lastly all the people have fun under the same open sky. One can even enjoy the greenery in some parts.

    Things to do:

    • Small rides for kids
    • Play with sand
    • Try corn cobs
    • Taste raw mango with salt and red pepper

    Important things to be kept in mind before visiting any beach:

    Whenever you plan to visit the beach do visit comfortable footwear as it is quite difficult to walk on sand, so perfect footwear will never spoil your excitement to enjoy at the beach. Do take care of children in front of waves as sometimes waves are very high, so do not go very deep in the waters and keep your children also a bit away. Do keep in mind the cleanness of the beach. Dustbins are available everywhere, so please throw the garbage in the dustbin and not on the sand. To get more travel ideas reserve a full-day cab in Chennai.

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    Which beach to visit?

    Are you really confused? Thinking of visiting which beach. Let’s make the decision easy for you. Some of the beaches are too popular and remain crowded all day. Few beaches are small but less crowded and peaceful. Some beaches have good eating joints outside the beach. Few are on the outskirts of the city so might be not that developed. Some beaches have water sports and some don’t. Some serve delicious and fresh seafood and some offer a beautiful scenic view. So, now the decision depends upon your choice and preferences as to which beach attracts you the most. For cab booking outstation please visit website www.chikucab.com.


    Chennai is a highly developed city with a high rate of literacy. This city is surrounded by many beaches which attract visitors from all over India towards itself. Not only visitors but locals over there do visit beaches on regular basis. Visit any beach it serves all kinds of activities for entertainment. Rides, games, food, all the things are available at every beach. Apart from the feel and activities inside the beach, there are many shopping places, restaurants, and cafés outside the beach which add extra entertainment. While reaching any of the beaches there are many other places like temples, gaming zone, parks, snow kingdoms, etc to visit in Chennai.

    If you are not aware of Chennai at all and planning to visit then you definitely need a good car on rent with a driver who knows the local language very well and is well aware of the roads. So, one can only focus on enjoying the trip. Our drivers take full care of their travelers and guide them about the place. Shows all the best places in Chennai. So, to explore Chennai the perfect partner would be Chiku Cab. As it not only has highly maintained cars but the best team members that can make any journey flawless.