• Top Places To Visit Around Mumbai For A Relaxed Time

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    By the time people in metropolitan areas get to the weekend, the mundane routine that they follow on a daily basis leaves them worn out, less productive, and overwhelmed with worry. When you spend a significant amount of time at the same office, day in and day out, you start to literally crave some new surroundings. It is a wise decision to take breaks on a regular basis and to get away for a little weekend somewhere close to Mumbai in order to refresh and revitalize oneself. We’ve got you covered if you’ve been thinking about taking a short trip anywhere in the vicinity of Mumbai but aren’t sure where to go. For our next holiday, we have compiled a list of a few fantastic destinations within driving distance of Mumbai that will guarantee you get your share of nature and have a wonderful time. Travel with a relaxing cab booking with Chiku Cab for all the following trips.


    Lonavala is renowned as one of the finest weekends away from Mumbai due to its tranquil beauty and breathtaking scenery. All kinds of natural beauty can be found there, from lakes and streams to gardens and thick forests. The town’s various outposts, caves, and temples are all great examples of the kinds of tourist attractions that make an otherwise unremarkable place so appealing. Lonavala is a great option for finding peace and quiet away from the rush of city life. One of the best destinations to visit within a hundred kilometers of Mumbai is the city of Lonavala. Also, you won’t have to endure a tiring drive! All you need to do is book an online taxi with Chiku Cab and then just sit back and relax on your route to Lonavala.

    Places to Visit In Lonavala:

    • Tiger Point
    • Pawna Lake
    • Bhaja Caves
    • Lohagarh Fort


    Khandala’s breathtaking scenery draws sightseers not just from Mumbai, but also from other major cities in the region. The region’s greatest attraction is its remarkable assortment of scenery, which is enriched by its rich historical background. Khandala is a fantastic destination for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts thanks to its many hiking and trekking opportunities. Hire a taxi today and enjoy the adventure sports at Khandala.

    Places To Visit InKhandala:

    • Valvan Dam
    • Bhushi Lake
    • Shooting point
    • Rajmachi Fort

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    The city of Mahabaleshwar, which boasts of being the tallest ghat in the western region of India, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the vicinity of Mumbai. In addition to its stellar culinary reputation, Mahabaleshwar is well-known for its abundant supply of berries like as strawberries, mulberries, gooseberries, and raspberries. The small town’s attractiveness stems from the fact that it has elegantly combined old-world beauty with a contemporary atmosphere that works well with modern technologies. To travel without any hassles, your best bet is by reserving a cab online with Chiku Cab.

    Places To Visit In Mahabaleshwar:

    • Pratapgarh Fort
    • Morarji Castle
    • Mahabaleshwar Temple
    • Mount Malcolm


    Panchghani, not far from Mumbai, is another hidden gem that you really must see. The five surrounding hills are the inspiration for the town’s moniker. Panchghani is a remarkable instance of a location that has managed to preserve its historic character; the neighborhood’s mix of British and Parsi architecture is a prime illustration of this. One of the most unusual and fascinating destinations to visit near Mumbai on Saturdays is Panchgani, with its lush flora and spiral engravings of the River Krishna. To visit this beautiful hill station download the Chiku Cab app and travel at the best fare with a comfortable taxi booking.

    Places To Visit InPanchgani:

    • Pandavgad Caves
    • Rajpuri Caves
    • Table Land
    • Kamalgad Fort


    Matheran is one of the most fascinating weekend getaways, solo travel, and couple’s vacation options close to Mumbai. Matheran’s gorgeous landscape and stunning natural features draw in hordes of visitors throughout the year. Matheran is a reasonable drive or rail ride from the big cities. Make this weekend gateway even more special by reaching there in the luxurious comfort of an outstation cab booking with Chiku Cab.

    Places to Visit In Matheran:

    • Shivaji’s Ladder
    • One Tree Hill Point
    • Prabal Fort
    • Charlotte Lake

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    Two or three hours on the train will take you from Mumbai to Bhandardara, another wonderland. The beautiful greenery and breathtaking waterfalls here have earned it a reputation as a landscape paradise. If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of a big city like Mumbai, one of the best places to go near Mumbai for a day trip is Matheran. Mumbai to Bhandardara cabs can easily be booked online with Chiku Cab.

    Places To Visit AtBhandardara:

    • Mount Kalsubai
    • Bhandardara Lake
    • Ratangad Fort
    • Randha Falls


    Amboli valley’s allure stems from the idyllic atmosphere with which it was endowed. This tiny town is one of the best places to take a date in Mumbai because it combines the energy of a waterfall with the peace of the surrounding hills. Amboli is a peaceful place to escape the sweltering summers and monsoon seasons in southwestern India. Go ahead and make an advance booking of a clean and neat taxi with Chiku Cab.

    Places To Visit In Amboli

    • Nagata Falls
    • Hiran Yakeshi Temple
    • Bandhavgarh Fort
    • Kawaleshlet Valley
    • Parikshit Point


    If you’re looking for a popular and charming place to spend a brief holiday and some “me-time” that’s yet close to Mumbai, Alibaugh is a great option. Alibaug is enviable due to the tranquility and beauty of its seaside cottages and farmland. Alibaug’s picturesque terrain makes it a popular tourist destination, drawing visitors from Mumbai and the surrounding area. Alibaug is the perfect vacation spot if you’re hoping to relax on the beach, explore historic forts, and visit religious sites. Apart from ferries, you can also reach Alibaug by booking an affordable cab service with Chiku Cab.

    Places to Visit In Alibaug:

    • Alibaug Beach
    • Kolaba Fort
    • KanekeshwarDevasthan Temple

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    Nashik is a great option for a day trip from Mumbai, and it is not far away. The city of Nashik has been dubbed the “Wine capital of India” due to the abundance of vineyards and wineries in the area. Many people are captivated by Nashik because of its beautiful scenery and because of the many spiritually inspiring temples that can be seen there. Some of Nashik’s temples even predate the Ramayana! When the massive Kumbh Mela is conducted here, thousands of people come to celebrate the area’s religious fervor. Visit Nashik with Chiku Cab comfortable air-conditioned taxi service.

    Places to Visit in Nashik:

    • Dudhsagar Falls
    • Panchavati
    • Kapileshwara Temple
    • Pandav Leni Caves
    • Sula Vineyards
    • Jain Mandir


    Kamshet is the place to go if adrenaline-pumping activities are your idea of a good time. Kamshet is one of the top 2-day weekend getaways from Mumbai since it contains everything outdoor enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies could want. The beautiful scenery and abundance of vegetation draw in environmentalists, while the convenience of adventure activities like skydiving and surfing in the reservoir draws in thrill-seekers. To reach Kamshet with ease, book a cab service with Chiku Cab via our online portal or smartphone application.

    Places to Visit in Kamshet:

    • Bhairi Caves
    • Bhandar Dongar
    • Kondeshwar Temple


    Karjat is the best site for hikers to go to in the Mumbai area since it allows them to explore the natural world in all its raw, rustic glory. Those interested in exploring stone cave shrines and forts will find them to be a highlight of their trip. As if that weren’t enough to sway your affections, Karjat is surrounded by towering mountains and is home to lush vegetation. Karjat is one of the best spots to explore near Mumbai in the monsoon and is especially beautiful during this time of year. Although, Karjat is not too far from the main city of Mumbai, hire a taxi service with Chiku Cab for a relaxing journey.

    Places to Visit in Karjat:

    • Kondane Caves
    • Bekare Waterfalls
    • Ulhas River

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    Another well-known tourist destination close to Mumbai, Daman is a little island that can be found tucked away between the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra and the Arabian Gulf. Daman captivates visitors with its incredibly hypnotic beaches and fascinating historical sites, making it the perfect place to go for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. The range of architectural styles that can be found in Daman is a direct result of the city’s long history of being ruled by a great many different dynasties. Chiku Cab is a well-known service provider for sanitized taxi and tempo traveler services from Mumbai to Daman.

    Places to Visit In Daman:

    • Diu Museum
    • Diu Fort
    • Panikota Fort
    • Lighthouse
    • Jerome Fort


    The peace and quiet that can be found here is an added bonus for tourists who come to see this teeny-tiny town, which is more like a hamlet than anything else. The most notable feature of this area is the seaside fort that overlooks it. The architectural component of this location contributes significantly to the overall romantic allure of the location. In addition to everything else, the fact that visitors can easily engage in aquatic activities like snorkeling and scuba diving makes this location an absolute must-see. Be in the best of your spirits while visiting Tarkarli by hiring a hatchback/sedan/SUV with Chiku Cab at market competitive rates.

    Places to Visit At Tarkarli:

    • Bison National Park
    • Various Adventure And Water Sports
    • Dolphin Spotting
    • Sindhudurg Fort
    • Tarkarli Beach

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    Kolhapur is a town that flaunts a colorful display of culture and an incredibly rich heritage. The city of Kolhapur is a treat in more ways than one since it is well-known both for its traditional food and for its extraordinary collection of footwear. Temples and museums in the city of Kolhapur add to the air of mystique that permeates the area, making the city a destination that everyone should try to make time for. Proceed to book a cab with Chiku Cab to reach Kolhapur in comfort, ease, and a relaxed state of mind.

    Places To Visit In Kolhapur:

    • Rankala Lake
    • Mahalaxmi Temple
    • Jyotiba Temple
    • Temlabai Mandir
    • Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Museum


    Mahad is yet another fantastic alternative for a long weekend apart from the frustrating crowds of Mumbai, and it is highly recommended. This little slice of heaven is situated at a comfortable distance of 163 kilometers away from the city and is endowed with a number of notable tourist attractions. The essential attractiveness of the location is attributable to the admirable combination of antique watchtowers and shrines among the expansive areas of verdant vegetation that are found there. Make use of our online cab booking service to visit Mahad in a refreshed mood.

    Places To Visit In Mahad:

    • Lingana
    • Buddhist Caves
    • Gandhar Pale



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