• Bhageshwar Dham and its fame Pandit Dhirendra Shastri

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    The place earlier has the temple of Lord Shiva, the grandfather of Pandit DhirendraShastri placed the idol of Lord Hanuman and after some time, this place got famous for the Balaji temple. This Dham got its recognition because of Pandit DhirendraShastri who is valued by many devotees. This place consists of temples, a place where Pandit DhirendraShastritake sessions, eating places, places for stay, small shops, etc. The weather here remains hot and humid from March to October. So, the best time to visit Bhageashwar Dham is between November to February. A place name ‘Annapurna Bhandara’ is there and serves food for free to all the devotees visiting here.

    One day is enough to visit all the places at Bhageahwar Dham. As this Dham became popular, numerous workless people worked at all the shops that opened there. Every year on the occasion of ‘Mahashivratri’ Pandit Dhirendra Shastriconduct marriage ceremony of many Girls. All the items gifted to the groom’s family are given by Panditji from the bride’s side. The stay at this Dham is quite reasonable and at some places free also. So, the trip to Bhageshwar Dham is quite inexpensive. Feel free to book an outstation cab with Chiku Cab to visit Bhageshwar Dham.

    Balaji Temple at Bhageshwar Dham

    The idol of Lord Hanuman was kept by the Grandfather of Pandit Dhirendra Shashtri in the temple. Slowly, the temple got famous as the Balaji temple. The rush of devotees came here especially on Tuesdays and Saturdays for worship. After Pandit DhirendraShastri this temple got more fame and name. Visits of devotees from all over India increased. Moving towards the temple, there are many shops on the way to the temple, in which God’s goods, Prasad, etc. are available. The distance from the temple to the parking is 1.5 km. Devotees tie Coconuts wrapped in red, yellow, black, and white cloth at the railings and other places at the temple premises, as they believe that their wishes would come true doing this spiritual activity.

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    First, the devotees do 21 ‘Parikrama’ and then tie the coconut. The red one is to fulfill any wish, the yellow one is to fulfill the wish of marriage, the black one is to get free from any trouble the devotee is stuck into and the white one is to fulfill the wish to get a child. One can get ‘Prashad’ conveniently outside the premises. After taking the ‘Prashad’ move inside the temple to worship Lord Hanuman. As it is overcrowded so the line moves very slowly. A devotee can offer prayers to Lord Hanuman in an easy way. The team managing the rush at the temple is efficient and supportive. They are highly cooperative.

    About Pandit Dhirendra Shastri

    Pandit Dhirendra Shastri is also known as ‘Bhageshwar Dham Sarkar’. He was born in Gada gram, Chattarpur district, Madhya Pradesh in 1996. His father was Ram Kripal and his Mother was Saroj. They were three brothers and a sister. Since childhood, he has lot of respect for Pandits and followed their activities. He used to get ready for school but visited the temple instead of school. His family has gone through a crucial stage as they were not financially sound. Five people would have been able to live by the donation received in worship.

    Pandit DhirendraShastri came into the limelight a few years back whose devotees see a miracle in him and opponents accuse him of spreading superstition. He has seen his grandfather serving Lord Hanuman at Balaji temple since his childhood. His grandfather was also a great ‘Guru’ and was respected by many and named ‘Dadaguru’ by devotees. Even big officials considered him his Guru and visited to take his guidance and advice. Pandit Dhirendra Shastri was very much attached to his grandfather and follow his path of spirituality. He learned a lot from his grandfather. Now he has turned spiritual father for many devotees. A huge group of devotees also follow him on YouTube and other social media platforms.

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    Why Pandit DhirendraShastri has become famous?

    Pandit DhirendraShastri has attained the focus of many devotees because of his guessing powers and guiding his devotees. If any devotee visits him to solve his problem then he guesses it without the devotee speaking a word. He even guesses their family member’s name and even tells them why are they stuck in this problem. After disclosing and reading their mind he guides them toward the right solution. He does all this in front of lakhs of devotees. He uses pen and paper to write everything thing. According to him, he can sense everything or situations beforehand. He has answered correctly to many devotees, so now people have blind trust in him.

    How to reach Bhageshwar Dham?

    Bhageshwar Dham is in Gada gram in Madhya Pradesh near Khajuraho. This place is half an hour away from Khajuraho city. To reach Bhageshwar Dham one can hire affordable cabsChiku Cab, one of the leading cab services providers, provides cabs all over India. Visit any part of India with us and make your trip more exciting. To book with us any way can be selected from the ways mentioned below:

    There are many ways to reach Bhageshwar Dham like flights, trains, taxis, etc. But the most inexpensive mode of transportation would be by taxi. Booking a taxi with Chiku Cab has various benefits our drivers have complete knowledge about the Bhageshwar Dham, they will take you to each important place over there, our team members will plan a budget-friendly tour for Bhageshwar Dham, our rides are always on time, cabs are well kept, customers get the opportunity to book their favorite car, the billing process is transparent, etc.

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    Where to stay?

    Rooms are easily available for stay here at affordable rates. Daily required materials are easily purchasable. At the starting entry point of Bhageshwar Dham, few places provide free stay for devotees. So, rooms are available for everyone. But if you want a very good stay then staying at Khajuraho is much better as Bhageshwar Dham has rooms of medium range with very basic facilities and there is no proper hotel here. The management at Bhageshwar Dham is commendable. People over there are very cooperative. They charge very less for a stay and food both. Great hospitality and positive vibes will provide peace to your mind and soul.

    Places to satisfy your hunger

    There are many small restaurants and ‘Dhabas’ at Bhageshwar Dham. The most important thing to know is that the food served here at all eating joints is without onion and garlic. All kinds of food cuisines are available here. It is said that try to visit Bhageshwar Dham without having onion or garlic at least two days or a week before. According to the belief of Bhageshwar Balaji onion and garlic should not be consumed. But the food served is delicious and available at reasonable rates. Our team members are aware of the places that serve tasty food at low cost. So, enjoy visiting Bhageshwar Dham with Chiku Cab.

    Regular visits by devotees

    Bhageshwar Dham has gained much fame. Many V.I.P. devotees even visit here to meet DhirendraShastri, so there is a temporary helipad for helicopter landing. A proper parking space is too there for four-wheelers and two-wheelers. This Dham got increased fame due to social media. As Pandit Dhirendra Shashtri came into focus by both devotees and people who are against it. More and more people are now interested to visit this Dham once to know about the reality. Devotees come here to seek guidance from Pandit DhirendraShastri for the problems they have in their life.


    Where is this Bhageshwar Dham?

    Bhageshwar Dham is in Gada Gram, Chattarpur district Madhya Pradesh near Khajuraho city.

    What is the name of the famous Pandit of Bhageshwar Dham?

    Pandit Dhirendra Shashtri is the famous pandit at Bhageshwar Dham.

    How to book a taxi for Bhageshwar Dham?

    Book a taxi with Chiku Cab through number 844-844-5504 for Bhageshwar Dham.

    Where can we stay at Bhageshwar Dham?

    Many rooms are available at Bhageshwar Dham for stay at reasonable rates; some are even available for a free stay.

    Why Bhageshwar Dham is so famous?

    Bhageshwar Dham is famous because of Balaji temple and Pandit Dhirendra Shashtri.

    Are ghost obstacles removed there?

    It is believed and many devotees say that ghost obstacles are removed at Bhageshwar Dham.

    How can I ask for Pandit DhirendraShastri’sguidance?

    To get the solution to your problem, the token is issued on one day of every month. With help of tokens, anyone can sit in front of Pandit DhirendraShastri.

    Where is Gada gram located?

    Gada gram is located in Chattarpur district in Madhya Pradesh. It is close to the famous Khajuraho city.