• A pilgrimage road trip from Lucknow to Ayodhya.

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    Ayodhya, the city, established on the banks of the river Saryu, is the holiest place for the people of the Hindu religion because Lord Shri Ram was born here.

    Evidence of Lord Rama and many ancient places related to him are present here. The city of Ayodhya remains in the limelight because there have been disputes regarding the Lord Rama temple located here.

    Ayodhya city is quite close to Lucknow. Do add Ayodhya to your travel list to explore the city of Lord Rama. To travel by road, the best way is to book a cab. Chiku Cab can be your companion for your journey from Lucknow to Ayodhya.


    An ancient and historical town, Ayodhya means a place where war never takes place. According to mythology, there used to be the kingdom of Suryavanshi and Raghuvanshi in Ayodhya.

    Its splendor is compared to heaven. Ayodhya is basically a city of Hindu temples. Ramnavmi festival in March-April is celebrated with full enthusiasm.

    Here SankatMochan’s birthday is celebrated at midnight on the day of ‘Choti’ Diwali. All the temples at Ayodhya have their own story and historical significance. Do visit each one to know about India’s spiritual past.

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    Distance between Lucknow and Ayodhya

    • Via NH 27: The distance to be covered is nearly 133 km and would take 2 hours and 40 minutes to reach this sacred city of Lord Rama.
    • Via PurvanchalExpressway and NH 27: To reach Ayodhya via this highway, you have to cover a distance of near about 152 km. The journey gets completed in 3 hours.
    • Via PurvanchalExpressway: A distance of 192 km has to be covered and will take about 3 hours and 10 minutes to reach Ayodhya city.

    The roads are smooth and well-maintained. Greenery on both sides gives a refreshing feeling during traveling. On the way, one can have tea, and numerous food to eat at restaurants and ‘dhabas’.

    Favorable time to visit Ayodhya


    The most preferred time to visit Ayodhya city is between October – December. During these months weather is pleasant and because of major festivals like Dushera and Diwali, the city sparkle with the light of numerous ‘diya’.

    The months of January and February are surrounded by cold waves because of the winter season. So, taking bath at the holy place ‘Ram Ki Paidi’ will not be possible. Climbing up to hills for the temple will also be problematic. So, avoid visiting during peak winters.

    Months from March-September are hot and humid. It becomes difficult to move out in the late mornings. One can only enjoy it in the early morning and evening. So, at this time, one cannot explore this pilgrimage place to its fullest.


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    Best stays in Ayodhya


    • The Ramayana Hotel: Hotel with beautiful gardens. The staffs are courteous. The interiors are amazing with attractive artwork. A stay here could be peaceful and relaxing.
    • Royal Heritage Hotel & Resort: It’s actually a royal hotel and resort. It serves delicious food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A great choice for staying in Ayodhya.
    • AP Palace Hotel: A place that has neat and clean rooms along with a restaurant and rooftop terrace. All the basic amenities are present here for a good stay.
    • Avadh Sunshine Palace Hotel & Resort: A place with all kinds of facilities. The staff provides great hospitality with good service. Worth your stay.

    Places that serve delicious food in Ayodhya


    Being a sacred city, it mostly serves vegetarian food. In most of the eating places, you will find north Indian vegetarian dishes. Other cuisines are also available but rare. A few of the places are:

    • M3 Café & Restaurants: This place serves delicious food. It has tasty North Indian as well as Chinese food.
    • Chai Portal: A place that serves mind-blowing tea and yummy food. People visit here a lot for tea.
    • Makan-Malai Restaurant: If you are craving tasty vegetarian food then this place could be the best option. As it serves Indian, Chinese, etc kind of cuisines.
    • Avantika: Place that serves South Indian, North Indian, Pizza, Burger, Beverages, etc. Satisfy your hunger with so many food options in one place.

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    A few dishes famous in Ayodhya are:

    The birthplace of Lord Rama, Ayodhya, witnesses the huge footfall of many devotees every year. This place has developed a lot because of tourist visits. A good stay along with delicious food is easily available here. This place is valued because Lord Rama is considered the 7th avatar of Lord Vishnu. Ayodhya is a simple city with the entire restaurant built up in a basic way. One can enjoy the traditional and basic food here. There are some foods that are considered tasty and tourists definitely try it if they are in Ayodhya. These foods are:

    • Chaat
    • Laddoo
    • Rabri
    • Veg Biryani
    • DahiVada
    • North Indian Thalis
    • Kachori

    Must visit places in Ayodhya


    • Hanuman Garhi: As the name says, this temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It is the most prominent temple of Ayodhya. One has to climb 76 stairs to reach the temple. It is believed that before worshipping Lord Rama, devotees should visit here first. Being on the crest, one can witness beautiful views of the nearby places.
    • Ram Janmbhoomi: This is the sacred place where Lord Rama took birth. Earlier there was a magnificent temple here but during Mughal rule, it was demolished. But now again after the order of the Supreme Court, the construction of the temple has begun. Most devotees visit Ayodhya for this sacred birthplace of Lord Rama.

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    • Kanak Bhawan: A saying about this place is that Lord Rama’s mother gifted it to Goddess Sita after Lord Rama and Goddess Sita’s marriage. Afterward, the temple here was constructed under the rule of King Vikramaditya. This temple is one of the most attractive places, and the architecture of this building fascinates visitors.
    • Ram Ki Paidi: Situated close to SaryuGhat.It is believed that bathing here frees one from all sins. According to mythology, when Lord Laxman wanted to go on a tour of all the pilgrimages, then Lord Shri Ram created this ‘Paidi’.


    How many days are sufficient for Ayodhya?

    A minimum of two days is required to explore Ayodhya and gain knowledge about its past.

    Which route is the best to travel from Lucknow to Ayodhya?

    Travel by car from highway NH 27. It takes the least time to reach.

    At what time should we leave Lucknow for Ayodhya?

    Try to leave Lucknow early morning as you can use that day to visit a few places in Ayodhya.

    Does Ayodhya have good options for staying?

    Yes, many hotels and resorts are there in Ayodhya for a stay.

    Make your vacation this year full of spirituality by exploring Ram Janmbhoomi. Have a pleasant trip to Ayodhya from Lucknow with Chiku Cab. You can book your favorite car for your travel.