• Winter Vacation in Noida

    Posted on October 12, 2020 by in Taxi Service

    Noida, a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is one of the peaceful cities in India. Your eyes will be filled with green scenic beauty coupled with a bright sky. Noida is slowly turning into a popular tourist destination but till now, the city wineries sparse footfalls of tourists making it a perfect relaxing vacation destination of yours. Noida is also popular for the smooth roads throughout the city which enables the functioning of car rental in Noida. These cars are easily accessible by you for a reliable stroll across the city.

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    Christmas Celebration in Noida

    Noida has a handful of Christians and Anglo Indians, yet no occasion takes a back seat in the city of Noida. Christmas is celebrated with a lot of glam here. The city gets ready in vibrant colours and party mood switches on among the residents.


    Some of the most popular Christmas celebration destinations in Noida are-

    • Agatti Aqua Garden- This is one of the best Christmas Celebration destinations in Noida. The delicious, mouth-watering food is an added bonus to the big green lawns. At the centre of the garden, are a few colourful fountains with a magical colour transformation feature to make your Christmas celebration brighter and colourful.


    • Sapphire Lawn- Sapphire Lawn is a five-star rated celebration venue in the city of Noida. The trimmed green grass of the lawn is certain to add a tint of natural essence to your enjoyment of Christmas celebration. Any Noida local sightseeing taxi will take you to this lively venue.
    • PK Boutique Hall- This is another personal favourite of many residents of Noida for celebrating Christmas. This has a magnificent banquet hall in addition to an open lawn. You can book the tickets for this venue beforehand to ensure a joyous Christmas Eve in Noida.


    • Gravity Restro and Bar- If you are keen on celebrating Christmas on some terrace, then there can be no better option for you than the Gravity Restro and bar. The open terrace throws you out into the chilly night of Christmas Eve for a party which is worth remembrance.


    Tips for choosing the best destination for celebrating Christmas with your family

    Now that you know the best handpicked Christmas celebration destinations in Noida, you must be worried about choosing the best one for you. We have prepared a brief guide for you. Take a quick look at these few points before you select the final destination.

    • Ambience- Make sure you check the ambience of the venue before you pre-book it on the occasion of Christmas. Some people like jazzy disco, while some are fond of live music, others may take a liking to soothing melodies. Choose the destination according to your choice based on the ambience of the place.
    • Budget- Decide a suitable budget according to the weight of your pocket. Do not be a spendthrift and spend unnecessary extra bucks on Christmas celebration. Try hunting for some good venues at a reasonable price.
    • Timings- Check the timings before you book a place. Some venues allow full night parties, while others do not. Choose one which is appropriate for you.
    • Distance from hotels and stations- Check the distance of the venue from the hotel or the nearest railway station. It is too poor an idea to spend more on the road rather than at the desired destination.

    Whether it is Christmas or New Year, Noida lightens up in a festive mood in these winter months. So, gear up and book your tickets to Noida. Also, do not forget to book the services of Chiku Cab beforehand. It provides the best of all car rental services in Noida, which will upgrade the quality of your vacation to the next level.