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    Srisailam, one of Lord Shiva’s twelve Jyotirlingas, can be found in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, on the banks of the Krishna River.

    It is 160 kilometers from Nandyal, 181 kilometers from Kurnool, 229 kilometers from Hyderabad, 263 kilometers from Vijayawada, and 527 kilometers from Bangalore.

    One of the best places to visit in Andhra, it is also a major Shiva pilgrimage site in India. A lot of people spend their weekends in Srisailam from Hyderabad because it is nearby. You can book a cab from Hyderabad to Srisailam and start your vacation from the word go!

    The Srisailam Dam and the Lord Shiva shrine of Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Temple are the town’s most recognizable landmarks.

    Lord Mallikarjuna, in the form of a linga, is guarded within the sanctum by a snake with three heads. One of the best examples of Vijayanagara architecture, this ancient temple was constructed in the Dravidian style and features tall towers and expansive courtyards.

    The temple’s exact history is unknown, however, it was mentioned by the Satavahanas in the second century AD. Several endowments were made by the Kakatiyas and the Vijayanagara kings.

    Places to Visit In Srisailam

    MaisingandiMaisammi Temple

    The Maisingandi Masammi Temple is a great area to take a break because it’s only about 53 kilometers from Hyderabad and 164 kilometers before Srisailam.

    Just book a cab service in Hyderabad to visit this pious location. The MaisingandiMaisammi Temple is one of the most well-known structures in this area.

    These temples and the nearby Maheshwara Pyramid draw a steady stream of visitors who come to worship. Stop for a moment to soak up the tranquil atmosphere and say some prayers before continuing on your journey.

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    Now, after almost 2 hours on the road from Hyderabad, you will arrive in Srisailam. It would be impossible to adequately convey the spiritual significance of this location.

    It contains everything a tourist may want for a wonderful vacation, from a variety of temples to peaceful lakes and beyond. So let’s begin the exploration of Srisailam along with its magnificent tourist attractions by making a cab booking.

    Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga

    Visiting the Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga Temple in Srisailam is a must if you’re in the area. Believers and devotees go to this holy location, also known as Shakti Peetha, at all times of the year.

    There is a profound sense of awe in the air of the temple devoted to Shiva and Parvati. Please take part in the religious activities offered while you are in this holy place.

    Nallamala Hills

    So, you’re a devout person who has found their perfect spiritual home in a temple. The question is, where does your adventurous companion fit in all this? One would assume that they would have questions concerning the city of Srisailam’s additional attractions.

    That Nallamala Hills is on the outskirts of the town must come as welcome news to them. In addition to the beautiful scenery, they can partake in exciting sports like hiking, mountaineering, and rock climbing.

    Shrikareswara Temple

    When compared to the other Srisailam temples, Shrikareswara stands out as divine and one of a kind. Shrikareswara Swami, the city’s patron deity, is claimed to keep an eye on the city and the River Krishna as it flows over here from this lofty perch.

    Many people believe that by visiting this holy site, they will be cleansed of their sins.

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    Bramarambha Temple

    Behind the Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple in the main Srisailam Temple complex is where you’ll find Bramarambha Temple, also known as Bhramarambika Temple, located about a kilometer from Srisailam Bus Station.

    In no other location in India can you visit both a Jyothirlinga and a Shakti Peetha on the same grounds as Srisailam? Along with the nearby Mallikarjun Temple and the Srisailam Dam, the nearby Bhramaramba Temple is one of Srisailam’s most popular tourist attractions.


    Srisailam Dam

    Srisailam Dam is located on the left bank of the Krishna River, between the districts of Mahabubnagar in Telangana and Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh.

    It is 14 kilometers from the Srisailam Bus Station and 15 kilometers from the Srisailam Temple (Right bank). It ranks as India’s third-biggest hydroelectric project and is one of the country’s largest dams.

    Situated on the road from Hyderabad to Srisailam, Srisailam Dam is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. As part of your Hyderabad vacation package, you should definitely check out this landmark.

    After commencing in 1960, the dam was opened in 1981. The dam sits 300 meters above sea level in a deep canyon in the Nallamala highlands.

    The dam has 12 radial crest gates and is 512 meters in length and 240.79 meters (885 feet) in height. By booking a car rental you can spend adequate time with your loved ones, making long-lasting memories.


    Pathala Ganga

    Pathala Ganga, located in the tributaries of the River Krishna, is a holy site located just one kilometer from the Srisailam Mallikarjuna Temple.

    Here, worshippers of Krishna can wash away their sins in the sacred waters of the holy river. To help the devout cross the river safely, steps have been built beside iron chains that they can use as handrails.

    From here, you can see the expansive reservoir and the lovely mountains covered by the Nallamala Forest. A lot of people travel to Srisailam specifically to take in the breathtaking scenery of the Krishna River, and this is one of the top spots to do so.

    It lies behind Srisailam Dam, and its location affords a view of the dam’s floodgates. The Akkamahadevi Caves and other tourist attractions are accessible by boat from the Pathala Ganga docking area.


    Mallela Theertham

    Mallela Theertham, a picturesque waterfall in the deep Nallamala forest, is situated 58 kilometers from Srisailam and 173 kilometers from Hyderabad.

    One of the most visited tourist destinations close to Hyderabad, it is also a great weekend travel destination.

    Travellers on their way to Srisailam often stop here because of its proximity to the highway between Hyderabad and Srisailam.

    Water drops directly from a cliff at a height of roughly 150 feet onto a rock formation similar to Shiv Lingas. Book the best outstation cab services by downloading a safe and trusted car booking app to enjoy a hassle-free journey!

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    Akka Mahadevi Caves

    Akka Mahadevi Caves are the caverns developed naturally in the dense Nallamala Hills, right above the upstream flow of the river Krishna, and are located 10 km from Srisailam Temple and 25 km from Srisailam Dam.

    From Srisailam’s Pathala Ganga, motor boats provide the most convenient access to the caves. The caves are located about 5 kilometers off the Hyderabad – Srisailam Road, which is 20 kilometers before Srisailam Dam and is a narrow mud road.


    Located 87 kilometers from Srisailam, 14 kilometers from Achampet town, and 159 kilometers from Hyderabad, Uma Maheswaram is most known for the 2nd-century Uma Maheswara Temple.

    Located in the heart of the Nallamalai Forests in the Mahabubnagar district, the temple’s presiding deities are Mallikarjuna (Shiva) and Bhramaramba (Parvati).

    As the northern entry point to Srisailam, the holy city, Uma Maheshwaram is an important pilgrimage site. In the vicinity of Srisailam, it ranks among the best tourist destinations.

    Nagarjuna Sagar – Srisailam Sanctuary

    The Nagarjuna Sagar – Srisailam Sanctuary (or Srisailam Sanctuary) is the largest tiger reserve in the country, covering 3,568 square kilometers, and is located 60 kilometers from Nagarjuna Sagar, 30 kilometers from Srisailam, and 173 kilometers from Hyderabad.

    You may find it between the two reservoirs of Nagarjuna Sagar and Srisailam. Panthers, tigers, spotted deer, mouse deer, black buck, sambars, chousingha nilgai, tree straw, mugger crocodiles, and wolfs, sloth beer, and wild dogs are all the animals found here.

    Just book a cab in Srisailam to travel around with peace of mind, comfort, and hygiene.


    Bairluty Jungle Camp

    Bairluty is a tribal village in the Atmakur Mandal of Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh, located 15 kilometers from Atmakur, 47 kilometers from Dornala, 85 kilometers from Kurnool, 96 kilometers from Srisailam, and 300 kilometers from Hyderabad.

    This is an AP Tourism-sponsored eco-tourism project, and it’s a great option for a weekend trip from Hyderabad.

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    Tribal Museum

    A great destination to learn about the history and culture of the indigenous people who once called the Nallamala Hills home is the Tribal Museum, located just outside of Srisailam’s main gate just one kilometer from Srisailam Temple.

    It’s a great site to learn about the indigenous people of Srisailam and their unique culture.

    This is an excellent introduction to the culture of Srisailam’s indigenous peoples, with a wealth of fascinating artifacts and displays illustrating daily life.

    The museum has been meticulously preserved, and it houses an extensive collection of artifacts from tribal life, including tools, weapons, religious artifacts (statues, etc.), musical instruments, and more.

    Sakshi Ganapathi Temple

    Located between Srisailam Temple and Srisailam Dam, the Sakshi Ganapati Temple has been a pilgrimage destination for countless years.

    It is located 3 kilometers from the Srisailam Mallikarjun Temple and 11 kilometers from Srisailam Dam. Sakshi Ganapathi is the name given to the Ganapathi deity at this temple since legend has it that he keeps a record of all the devotees who come to offer proof (Sakshyam) of having visited the Kshetram.

    It’s a must-see if you’re in town and looking for a popular tourist attraction in Srisailam.

    Kadalivanam Caves

    Kadalivanam Caves are historical natural caves located 22 kilometers from Srisailam and 12 kilometers from Akka Mahadevi Caves. From Srisailam, take a motor boat to Akka Mahadevi Caves; from there, it’s another 12 kilometers of hiking across various mountain ranges to get here.


    Apart from the above-mentioned tourist attractions, there is a lot more to explore and do in Srisailam. Just book a cab online for Srisailam and assure yourself of a memorable vacation and experience.


















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