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    Best Places to Visit in Gurgaon



    Gurgaon, a commercial city in the state of Haryana is closely located on the Delhi-Haryana border, making it one of the busiest commercial hubs in India. Gurgaon, also called as Gurugram, is a developing metropolitan city where lot of businesses is taking off as a result lot of people are migrating to Gurgaon for work purposes. This has caused this beautiful city to step back in terms of heavy traffic and mass population. Once a tourism city, Gurgaon is no more on the bucket list of many travellers. But, believe us Gurgaon has a still a lot to offer to its tourists. The fastest growing industrial and financial hub of India, Gurgaon, is a city that has on offer for everything and everyone. The residents of Gurgaon are considered to be the luckiest and filled with upmost pride to be the residents of the Millenium City. Gurgaon has everything in store right from theatres, clubs, night life, spas, malls, and the list can just go on and on. Also known as the city of Entrepreneurship which is bringing about a change in lifestyle and ecosystem in Gurgaon? Let’s have a look at all the places of tourist importance one can visit in Gurgaon.

    Best Places to Visit in Gurgaon

    • Kingdom of Dreams

    The best place in Gurgaon to attend art, craft, skills, and musical shows and events is the Kingdom of Dreams. This huge space of entertainment zone showcases the different cultures and different art forms of the various regions of India and thus showcasing unity in diversity. A lot of mythological story depictions, musical shows, circus shows are regularly arranged here. The Kingdom Of Dreams is also a hotspot for the Bollywood lovers, as it has a special place allocated to movies and at the same time a Bollywood-theme café and restaurant.

    • Cyber Hub

    A 24-hour food lover’s paradise, Cyber Hub is the place where the current generation of Gurgaon finds it the best spot to unwind, and socialize with their friends and colleagues. The Cyber Hub is also famous for its game parlors where a lot of gamers are seen taking part in extensive events and play the games like professionals. High end restaurants from around the world have their outlets at Cyber Hub. Most of the annual fest events and parties are enjoyed by all the Gurgaon residents only at Cyber Hub. Located at a distance of 16 kilometers from the main city, reaching Cyber Hub is a really pleasurable half an hour journey.

    • Ambience Mall

    Ambience Mall is one of those elite malls in Gurgaon located at the border of Delhi – Gurgaon on NH 8 road. This huge mall consists of 6 floors and even has 3 basement floors for parking, from which one can just imagine the footfall this mall gets on a daily basis. Home to a lot of luxury and designer brands, the Ambience Mall is a shopping hub for the elite class of Gurgaon. Along with shopping, Ambience Mall also is a proud mall consisting of a huge food court where international cuisine food is served along with Indian food. It also houses pubs like Firangi Paani and Underdogs. The main attraction for the visitors in the Ambience Mall is ice skating rink which is quite a unique concept amongst Indian Malls. There is also a different gaming section for children called as Blu-O. Blu – O also hosts bowling alleys and many other games for the adults too.

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    • Damdama Lake

    One of the largest natural lakes is the Damdama lake with an approximate area covering of 3000 acres. Situated under the Aravalli Mountain Range, the Damdama lake is a picnic spot for the residents of Gurgaon and also a place for adventure activities like trekking, boating, and hiking. Although, located at a distance of roughly 50 kilometers from the main city, the Damdama Lake is easily accessible by booking a cab service. The road journey is worth it because of the scenic natural beauty all around.

    • Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

    A weekend gateway from Gurgaon is the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary located at a distance not more than 45 kilometers from Gurgaon. Observing different species of birds in their own natural habitat and vegetation, the state government has taken upmost care to make this sanctuary a green zone with loads of clean and fresh air. This sanctuary is also the home to various tall trees like Neem, Beris, etc. An incredible Bird Sanctuary, this place is a paradise for all wildlife photographers and nature lovers.

    • Appu Ghar

    Inaugurated in the year 1984 during the Asian Games which were held in India, Appu Ghar is the 1st Amusement Park developed in India. It was named under the mascot of the Asian Games ‘Appu’. Appu Ghar functioned smoothly till 2008 and was then non-functional for the next six years. In 2014 Appu Ghar was once again opened for the common man and is now on the bucket list of all the tourists in Gurgaon. Showcasing the tallest ride in India, ‘Skyfall’, there are various other unique rides that can be enjoyed at Appu Ghar like Rapid Racer, Oh My Gurgaon, Lazy River, Crazy River, and the Typhoon Tunnel. Appu Ghar is also well equipped with an amazing food court and is the most ideal getaway from the stressful work life of Gurgaon.

    • Manesar

    Manesar is the perfect blend of urban and traditional lifestyle which can be enjoyed in Gurgaon while on a road-trip from Delhi to Jaipur. It is an extremely soothing experience to enjoy farm tourism and natural spas which are the highlights of Manesar. Manesar is famous for the beautiful view it showcases of the Aravalli Mountain Range. Although it is getting converted into an industrial suburb, the experience of a rugged rural life can be experienced around campfires in the evening.

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    • Heritage Transport Museum

    Another museum worthwhile in Gorgon in the Heritage Transport Museum. This museum is dedicated to all the artifacts related to the automobile industry of India. It has photos as well as models right from the days of palanquins till the latest four wheelers and also the aviation and navy industry vehicles. It is surely a learning experience for all by visiting this museum.

    • MGF Mall

    A heaven for the shopping freaks and the best place for the foodies to hog on, the MGF Mall is the best place voted by the Gurgaon youth to chill and hang out. Also known as the MGF Metropolis, this mall is spread over 8 acres of land and is also famous for recreational activities. The MGF Mall is located at the center of the city making it an attraction to almost everyone in Gurgaon. It is also a famous gaming zone for the younger generation and is often tagged as the one-roof solution for shopping, entertainment, movies, and food.

    • Leisure Valley Park

    Amidst the concrete jungle of developing Gurgaon, the Leisure Valley Park is a green landscape situated at the heart of the city which is enticing for meditation, walks, peace of mind, and bursting stress. The fountains in this park in the evening times are lit and flow on soft and calming music which is a pleasure to the eyes as well as ears. A perfect place to relax and exercise is what Leisure Valley Park can be termed as.

    • Subhash Chandra Bose Park

    The Subhash Chandra Bose Park is located in sector 14 of Gurgaon and is famous as a green park used for morning walks, jogging, playing outdoor games, practicing yoga, and learning the art of meditation. This green space is famous amongst people of all age group because of its greenery and well-maintained gardens.

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    • Fun n Food Village

    The Fun N Food Village is a famous water amusement park with the record of hosting the greatest number of slides in India. A perfect spot for family outings, the Fun N Food Village showcases water slides and games for people of all age groups. Due to its location and connectivity, the Fun N Food Village even hosts a lot of corporate events, gatherings, and parties.

    • Farrukhnagar Fort

    The Farrukhnagar Fort built by the Mughals during the 17th century is also famously called as the dubbed Dilli Darwaza. It is a priceless piece of architecture and design with its octagonal shape and is also a place of due visit when in Gurgaon. At the time of the Mughals this fort is said to have been the residence of not less than 4000 people. The Farrukhnagar Fort is an exceptional octagon ally designed structure with a bastion of one of its kind.

    • Never Enuf

    NeverEnuf is a green park in Gurgaon which is also an information broadcasting garden along with recreation. It showcases numerous miniature models of boats, railways, famous buildings, and marvelous architecture structures. Out of these models, some are live working models on the touch of a remote control and an interactive touch display. For recreational purpose, there are huge spaces of green land where one can have a lazy stroll or just sit around with friends and family.


    The grass is always greener on the other side and the same idiom applies to Gurgaon. Though a city of hustle-bustle now, Gurgaon still has its beauty intact in regards to culture, learning, and nature. This vacation do add Gurgaon on your wish list and enjoy the above stated activities with lot more in Gurgaon. Happy Vacations!



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