• Top Places to Visit in Srisailam

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    Here are some of the best places to visit in Srisailam

    The holy Malikarjuna Jyotirlinga and one of the eighteen Shakti Peethas of goddess Parvati are both located in Srisailam, a hill town in the Kurnool region of Andhra Pradesh. A nature sanctuary and a dam are based in Srisailam, which is located on the banks of the Krishna River.

    By visiting one of the many magnificent temples in the city, such as the one devoted to Lord Shiva (known as the Sikhareswara Swamy Temple) or the well-known Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple, which is situated at a height of around 457m above sea level, you can be blessed with the blessings of the Almighty.

    The Srisailam hills are close to the Nallamala forest ranges, which include a diverse diversity of vegetation and animals.

    Spots of Tourist Attraction in Srisailam

    Let’s have a look at the top places you ought to visit when in Srisailam:

    • Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga Temple

    The town of Srisailam is famous for the temple of Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga, which is located on the River Krishna’s southern bank.

    The Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple, the most well-known temple in the city, dates back more than six centuries to the reign of King Harihara Raya of Vijayanagar.

    Sage Bringi was cursed to stand, according to the myth that is associated with the shrine, because he exclusively served Lord Shiva. After comforting the goddess, Lord Shiva bestowed upon him the third leg, enabling him to stand more steadily.

    Along with the idols of Nandi, Sahasralinga, and Nataraja, you may also find the three-legged statue of the guru Bringi here. Beautiful carvings and sculptures can also be found on the temples’ walls and pillars.

    This sacred space, which is one of the town’s most magnificent temples and is situated on the Nallamala hills, is one that visitors must not skip while they are here.

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    • Bhramaramba Devi Temple

    The Bhramaramba Devi Temple is a well-liked tourist attraction in Srisailam. Every devotee who travels to Srisailam must visit this temple since it is one of the 18 shakthipeethas in India.

    Bhramaramba Devi Temple is situated on the Nallamala Hills and is a part of the Sri MallikarjunaSwamy Temple complex. Goddess Bhramarambika, a manifestation of Goddess Parvati, is the deity of the Bhramaramba Devi Temple.

    Lord MallikarjunaSwamy, a manifestation of Lord Shiva, is married to Goddess Bhramarambika. The goddess is honoured at this temple as Brahmani Shakti. The goddess’s eight-armed idol is covered in a silk sari.

    A statue of Lopamudra, the saint Agastya’s wife, is located inside the garbhagriha of the temple. In front of the garbhagriha, there is a Sri Yantra.

    Bhramaramba is Sanskrit for “Mother of Bees.” According to the myth, Goddess Bhramaramba sent out a swarm of thousands of six-legged bees to slay the devil Arunasura.

    • Rope Way

    The Srisailam Ropeway, one of the greatest ropeways in India, is an essential component of the Srisailam tour. By the shore of the River Krishna stands the holy city of Srisailam.

    Patalganga is the name of the Krishna River that flows close to the hills where Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple is situated. Your visit will undoubtedly be memorable thanks to the scene of mighty hills surrounded by a wide expanse of water.

    Travelling by ropeway method not only makes it simpler to get to the river, which would otherwise take a tough trek, but it also adds a little thrill and adventure to your trip.

    Visitors come to Patalganga to bathe in the holy water and atone for their sins. The water body can be accessed by steps. Even though the ride only lasts a few minutes, the view of Srisailam from the ropeway will have you transfixed the entire time.

    It is worthwhile to photograph the view of the Krishna River, the Nallamala Hills, and the surrounding.

    • Sakshi Ganapathi Temple

    The Sakshi Ganapati Temple is a small shrine to Lord Ganesha that is set within lovely woods. Lord Ganesha is said to be aware of visitors to the Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga, according to devotees.

    He maintains a blog and presents it to Lord Shiva. As a result, before visiting any other temple in Srisailam, pilgrims stop by this one first to register their visit.

    The sanctum of this temple is accessible after a short 10-step ascend. The temple’s setting in the middle of the thick forest is its most appealing feature.

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    • Pathala Ganga

    There is a particular spirituality in the air as the River Krishna curves downward. This patch of river Krishna is known as the Pathala Ganga. Enjoy the surroundings and take a bath in these holy waters, which are said to have therapeutic powers for skin ailments.

    Another option is to take a relaxing ropeway vehicle ride, which offers views of the gorgeous river and the surrounding area’s rich greenery.

    • Octopus View Point

    One of the most recent additions to Srisailam’s tourist attractions is Octopus View Point. The viewpoint, which is situated 5 kilometres before Domalpenta, provides breathtaking views of the surrounding forests, charming gorges, and mesmerising Krishna River backwaters.

    The Krishna River, which appears like an octopus extended between the hillocks, is what gave Octopus View Point its name. It offers a breathtaking stance from which one can see the entire valley below.

    The primary attraction of the location is a regular safari tour that is offered by the reserve in addition to everything else.

    • AkkaMahadevi Caves

    A natural wonder, the Akkamahadevi caves in Telangana are located in a pristine environment around 10 kilometres from Srisailam.

    The caves are a naturally occurring feature that has been there for more than a million years and are situated just across the perennial Krishna river.

    The Eastern Ghats, which include sizable portions of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, are where the caves are situated. The caves project an intimidating impression on the viewer’s eyes with their naturally formed arch at the entrance that stands without any support of any kind.

    Although the deep-lying Shivalinga inside the huge network of paths is the major draw, it is also a haven for adventurers. Since ancient times, the lingam has drawn tourists and pilgrims to its well-known holy sanctuary, which is devoted to Lord Shiva.

    On the way to the Akkamahadevi Caves, the hills of the Nallamala range across the ghat portion are breathtaking, providing tranquil, attractive views of the scenery around.

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    • Tiger Safari

    This tiger reserve has one of the highest overall areas of any tiger reserve in India with 3568 acres. The reserve region also contains the dams at Srisailam and Nagarjunasagar.

    Leopards, sloth bears, dhol, Indian pangolin, chital, Sambar deer, Chevrotain, Blackbuck, Chinkara, and Chowsingha are among the other animals that can be seen here in addition to the tiger.

    Other reptiles and amphibians including the crocodile, Indian Python, King Cobra, and Indian peafowl are also present in this region. The Tiger Safari in this area is widely renowned.

    • Srisailam Dam

    The Srisailam Dam in Telangana is one of the town’s main points of interest and one of the country’s top 12 hydroelectric projects. The Srisailam Dam marks its presence by rising out of the lush foliage of the Nallamala Hills.

    It is a blend of unbroken natural beauty and engineering brilliance. It is constructed across the Krishna River’s unceasing vigour and is tucked away in a deep canyon, surrounded by trees and beautiful scenery, finding comfort in the sound of gushing and falling water.

    The Srisailam Dam is a magnificent sight to behold, and the route leading up to it is equally picturesque.


    Apart from the above-mentioned places, one can even pay a visit to the Shivaji Statue and Shikaram in Srisailam. Srisailam is such a tourist place in India that one can enjoy it at any time of the year.

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