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    Best Places to Visit in Lucknow



    The capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is counted as one of the most populous cities in the entire India. Right from the time of its inception, Lucknow has been a multi-cultural hub where a lot of art and craft, such as, poetry, design, music, and culture have been boosted. Lucknow, now-a-days is also well-known for technology, science, aerospace, commerce, finance, pharmaceuticals amongst other growing science and education fields. Geographically, Lucknow lies at the banks of the river Gomti, and when looked at an historical angle, Lucknow is quite synonymous with Nawabs. This is the main reason that there are numerous places of historical importance to visit in Lucknow.  Keep all your tensions and worries at bay while travelling to Lucknow as exploring this city requires a lot of attention and at the same time being the city of royals, comfort is the main factor you should seek after. Let’s have a look at the top places to visit in Lucknow during your vacation.

    Best Places to Visit in Lucknow

    • Bara Imambara

    Bara Imambara, also known as the Asafi Imambara, is one of the most visited historical spots in Lucknow. The Bara Imambara was constructed when Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula was in power in the year 1784. This architectural marvel consists of a huge mosque, a complex maze, also known as the Bhul Bhulaiya, and a stepwell which till date has fresh spring water running in it. The central hall of the Bara Imambara supports the largest arched chamber of the world, which will keep you in awe for quite a span of time.

    • Chota Imambara

    The Chota Imambara, also known as Imambara Hussainabad Mubarak was built by the third Nawab of Awadh, Mohammed Ali Shah in the year 1938. This Imambara was built with the view of making a faith followers hall for the Shia Muslims. This Imambara is also the place where the tomb of the Nawab and his mother are rested at peace. The Chota Imambara, is also referred to as the Palace of Lights owing to the beautiful chandeliers, and lamps imported from Belgium with which it is decorated. The exterior of this Imambara is encrypted with writings from the Holy Quran in an Islamic Calligraphy fashion.  Visiting the Chota Imambara is equivalent to travelling back in times of the Nawab and reliving history which includes rich culture, heritage, and the spiritual awakening of one’s soul.

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    • British Residency

    The British Residency, often referred to as the Residency Complex or just the Residency is a complex of beautiful structures where the residence of the British Resident General was located during the pre-independence days. Constructed somewhere in the year 1879, it was the residence to around 3000 Britishers during the 1857 Revolt of Rebellion. Although, as of now the structure is in ruins, it is under the protection of the Archeological Survey Of India.

    • Rumi Darwaza

    The Gate which is imposed between the Bada Imambara and the Chota Imambara is called as the Rumi Darwaza. It showcases the Awadhi Style of Architecture and thus is one of the most decorated places of Lucknow where art lovers prefer to spend their time observing this monument. It was built in the year 1784 by Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula, by modelling the Sublime Port of Turkey, thus also giving it a name as Turkish Gate. This 60-feet monument is as of today the official symbol of the city of Lucknow.

    • Dilkusha Kothi

    Built exactly at the banks of the river Gomti, the Dilkusha Kothi served as the summer residence and the hunting lodge for the Nawabs of Awadh for a long long time. The construction of this place is estimated to be done in the early 19th century, and is characterized by the English Baroque style of architecture. Apart from a few exterior walls, there is hardly a piece left in the visuals of Dilkhusha Kothi as of today. However, the gardens and the towers surrounding the structure are still well-maintained making it a tourist attraction spot in Lucknow for the history lovers.

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    • Hussainabad Clock Tower

    Built in the year 1881 at a whooping cost of approximately Rs.1.75 lakhs, the Hussainabad Tower, is a 221-feet tower clock structure near the Rumi Darwaza. It is said to be a copy of the Big Ben Clock Tower of London by the Hussainabad Trust. The clock is decorated with 12 carved petals and has a huge 14-feet pendulum attached to it. It is an impressive blend of Victorian and Gothic styles of architecture in today’s world.

    • Amrapali Water Park

    The Amrapali Water Park in Lucknow was inaugurated in the 2002 and since then has become one of the most popular family and friends picnic spot. It is the most ideal place to go and fun if you wish to spend a whole day as there are countless rides available for entertainment purposes at the Amrapali Water Park. With various types of swimming pools, water slides like Aqua Trail and Crazy Cruise, along with eateries and a live DJ grooving amazing music, this water park is one of the top locations to enjoy yourself in Lucknow. Just a tip, while at the Amrapali Water Park do not miss out on the camel ride! It is really worth it!!

    • Indira Gandhi Planetarium

    The Indira Gandhi Planetarium at Lucknow was inaugurated in the year 2003. Located at the banks of the River Gomti, the Indira Gandhi Planetarium also called as the Taramandal Show, displays 3D models and other scientific exhibitions majorly related to astronomy. All the Indian satellites are made into a size fit dummy here and is the best place to increase your knowledge regarding astronomy and about Indian scientists. There is a virtual trip to space show dedicated at the planetarium which takes the viewers into a 3D mode of space from the point of view of the planet Saturn.

    • Ambedkar Memorial Park

    Located in the Gomati Nagar at Lucknow, the Ambedkar Memorial Park formerly known as Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Samajik Parivartan Prateek Sthal is a public garden in honour of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Apart from him, there are statues of various other freedom fighters like Birsa Munda, Jyotiba Phule, Shree Narayan Guru, and Kanshi Ram at this public park. The Ambedkar Memorial Park as of today holds a lot of historical importance in the cityscape of Lucknow.

    • State Museum

    The State Museum of Lucknow is currently located at Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden Hazratganj prior to which it was located at Chattar Manzil, Lal Baradari. The State Museum is an amazing guide to understand India’s history. It showcases various artefacts and objects preserved from the Awadh Empire. There is also an Egyptian mummy on display at the museum. The most highlighting part of the State Museum are the artefacts discovered in the Harrapan civilization along with the Mauyan Shunga, Kushana, and Buddhist era.

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    • Janeshwar Mishra Park

    The Janeshwar Mishra Park built in the fond memory of Janeshwar Mishra, a versatile politician based out of Lucknow, is Asia’s biggest public park. It depicts a 25 feet tall statue of the renowned politician honoring his work done for the betterment of India. This park is Eco-friendly in every term as it is surrounded by trees and well-maintained water bodies. This park is built on 375 acres of land thus creating a green environment right at the heart of the city of Lucknow. As a part of recreation, there are paddle boats made available for the tourists to have a boating experience in the 2 major water bodies. Apart from boating, there is a cycling track, various food joints, and jogging tracks available for exercise as well as entertainment purpose.

    • Jama Masjid

    Constructed by Nawab Mohammad Ali Shah Bahadur in the year 1839, the Jama Masjid is one of the oldest landmarks still holding good fort in Lucknow. This religious place for the Muslims is also vividly visited by people of other faiths in order to get impressed by the architecture style and design of the landmark. The Jama Masjid is built with Lakhuri Bricks, a trend of architecture during those days. It showcases the Mughal style of architecture and is flocked by photographers and history lovers to have a great time.

    • Satkhanda

    The construction of Satkhanda, which is translated as tower of 7 floors, was done during the reign of Nawab Muhammad Ali Shah from the year 1837 to 1842. It was built with a view of being used as a watch tower from an eagle’s eye perspective for the city of Lucknow. The design of this tower permits numerous triangular windows and spiral footsteps which lead to the various story of the construction. A visit to Satkhanda when in Lucknow is a dream of historians comes true.


    Apart from the above given destinations, there is a lot to see in Lucknow, like the Aminabad Market, Hazratganj Market, Nawab Wahad Ali Shah Zoological Park, and a lot more. Lucknow is still the same old town known for its mannerism, literature, and the royal outlook. It is more like visiting an ancient empire than visiting a city! Have a wonderful time touring Lucknow! Visit our Website https://chikucab.com