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    Top Tourist Attraction Places in Delhi



    With the perfect blend of culture, heritage, modernization, and urban culture, Delhi surely showcases all the right colors to be called the capital of India. Delhi keeps mesmerizing tourists of all age groups and keeps them in awe even after 2 – 3 visits as a tourist. Delhi pictures the perfect Unity in Diversity statement with its various locations and events. Touring Delhi is like touring the whole of India, in short Delhi is a mini-India tour that everyone should cover at least once to get a true feel of the nation. Known for temperatures on both extremes, Delhi is best visited in the winter months as the climate here during this season is cold yet pleasant. Let’s have a look at all the important places you can go to for sightseeing in Delhi.

    Top Tourist Attraction Places in Delhi

    • Akshardham Temple

    Located at the banks of the river Yamuna, the Akshardham Temple is situated right at the heart and center of Delhi. Dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan, who is said to be an avatar of various Gods and Sages, the Akshardham Temple took around 6 years to build and was completed in the year 2005. The Akshardham Temple has become a location of religious importance and a pious pilgrimage to lakhs of devotees in India as well as around the world. To understand the temple a little better, the word Akshardham is a combination of two words – Akshar which means immortal, and Dham which means abode. Together the Akshardham Temple means the place of habitation where the eternal and divine Lord lives. The idol of Lord Swaminarayan is approximately around 11 feet tall and keeps the devotees in a state of awe for a long long time. When at Akshardham Temple, don’t forget to pay a visit to Yogi Hraday Kamal, the Nilkanth Abhishek, the Narayan Sarovar and fill your stomach with delicious yet healthy food at Premvati Ahargruh. Talking through the viewpoint of a designer and architecture, this construction marvel consists of 235 pillars, 10 domes, and roughly 20,000 statues of acharyas, sadhus, as well as devotees. The carvings of flowers, art men, and deities on the main walls of the temple give it an altogether different feel. The Akshardham Temple is indeed a place of high spirituality which makes it one of the most visited monuments in Delhi.

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    • Red Fort

    The Red Fort also called the Lal Quila locally is carved out of red sandstone and was the Mughal’s residence for more than 200 years during their reign in India. The Red Fort was used to perform various ceremonies back in the days and even today along with being a major tourist attraction is a place where a lot of rituals are followed. The huge fort wall built at Lal Quila is around 23 meters in height which itself is a marvel of construction during those times. Inside the Red Fort, one can visit various palaces, courtyards, entertainment decks, baths, balconies, canals, well-maintained gardens, and also a beautifully decorated and carved mosque. Of all these attractions, the apple of the eye at Red Fort is the Diwan-I-Am which is a construction supported by 60 red sandstone pillars with an arbor of white marble encompassed in it. The Red Fort is an apt example of the Mughal and Islamic style of architecture due to the various prototypes that can be observed in the whole of the fort. The Red Fort becomes more interesting due to the well-planned structures and gardens in an overall outlook making it one of the top tourist locations in Delhi.

    • India Gate

    The Indian Gate is a memoir of all the 82,000 Indian soldiers who took part in the First World War. It is a 42-meter-tall standing gate situated near the Rajpath. Under the India Gate, lies the Amar Jawan Jyoti which is a black marble construction with an L1A1 rifle hung upside down and a soldier’s cap on top of it to honor the Indian soldiers who fought the Bangladesh War. The Amar Jawan Jyoti was inaugurated by the late Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi during the 23rd Republic Day celebrations. There are names of more than 13,000 Indian soldiers who gave up their lives to protect the nation inscribed on the black marble. When at India Gate, it is an automatic connection that you make with the feeling of patriotism as an Indian. Activities like boating and a children’s park too are promoted at the India Gate. A perfect picnic spot as well as an amazing tourist destination, India Gate has something or the other to offer to all.

    • Hauz Khas

    The Hauz Khas Fort was built during the reign of Alauddin Khilji. It is a place where history and architecture lovers marvel at the construction for hours together. The ruins at Hauz Khas today showcase the grand water tank, Islamic Madrasa, numerous arbors, and an aura of unmatched serenity. It is also a place where photography enthusiasts like to sharpen their skills. It is a fun experience to explore the hidden passages of the Hauz Khas Fort which make it an interesting place to visit when in Delhi.

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    • Connaught Place

    Locally called CP, Connaught Place is basically a commercial market area that was built in the year 1933. Built-in the shape of a horseshoe, the place is known to bring good luck to the shopkeepers and businesses running here according to tradition. Being the brand shopping hub of a lot of major international brands, Connaught Place is now one of the prime hubs for the youngsters of Delhi. Apart from shopping, one can enjoy sipping a cup of coffee at the various cafes here or it is suitable even to enjoy a lazy walk post food. Connaught Place can be termed as one of the happening places in the city of Delhi.

    • Qutub Minar

    Declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, The Qutub Minar of Delhi is one of the most prominent tourists attractions. Built totally with red sandstone, the Qutub Minar stands tall at 73 meters in height with a base diameter of around 14 meters. The structure is five-storied and from the topmost point of the Qutub Minar, one can get a glance of the whole of Delhi in a scenic way. To make this minaret structure even more spectacular there is a spiral staircase in the interiors which consists of a total of 379 steps. The inception of this structure was done by Sultan Qutub al-Din Aibak in the 11th century. It is often said that a tour to Qutub Minar is equivalent to a trip to Delhi.

    • Humayun’s Tomb

    Sparked as the first tomb with a garden in the Asian subcontinent, the Humayun’s Tomb can easily take you back in history and help you feel the rich culture and heritage of the Mughal era. From an architectural perspective, Humayun’s Tomb is a perfect mixture of the Persian and Indian styles of construction and design. The entire structure is built out of red sandstone with grand marble that holds elegance to date. Humayun’s Tomb is correctly said to be the first place to visit to understand the long-term heritage of Delhi.

    • Lotus Temple

    The Lotus Temple in Delhi is an architectural monument that makes many faces go in awe. Constructed in the year 1986, the Lotus Temple is a non-religion binding temple for devotees of all religions and faiths. It is considered to be a place where everyone can meditate to understand themselves on a deeper level. There are a total of 27 lotus petals carved out of marble and are surrounded by 9 doors to enter the center hall of the Temple. The hall can easily accommodate 2500 devotees at any given point in time. If any faith is to be related to the Lotus Temple, then it is the Bahai Faith.

    • Jama Masjid

    Jama Masjid

    Built-in the reign of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the year 1655, the Jama Masjid is one of the most prestigious Mughal architecture artworks in Delhi. It is indeed the location on all the go-to lists of tourists of Delhi. Another feature that makes the Jama Masjid a place to go to is the elevation at which it is built. It is built at roughly 30 steps above the roads giving it a height to experience Delhi in an altogether different way.

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    • Rashtrapati Bhavan

    The Rashtrapati Bhavan is a marvel of Indian architecture built in the year 1929. It is the official residence of the President of India. During the times of the British Rule in India, the British Viceroy used to stay and take all his important decision from here. It is noted that it took roughly 17 years to complete the construction of the Rashtrapati Bhavan. It is designed by the world-famous English architect Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens. Spread over 320 acres of land, the tourists are allowed to observe the reception halls, guest rooms, gardens, horse stables, and offices when at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

    • Chandni Chowk

    Literally translated as the Moonlight Square, Chandni Chowk is a busy street for street shopping where one can use their bargaining skills to buy electronics, clothing, and jewelry. Chandni Chowk is said to be a place for shopkeepers right from Shah Jahan’s time, where merchants used to sell their commodities to the local people, especially during night markets. A busy street today, Chandi Chowk showcases the fast life of Delhi thus making it a prime spot to visit on your tour to Delhi.


    Apart from these places, there are a lot of varied locations in Delhi and places nearby to enjoy. With the increasing number of tourists traveling to Delhi because of its mesmerizing beauty, it is always better to be well prepared while arranging and fixing your tour here. Along with the above-mentioned places, there are a lot of other faces of Delhi that can be explored! Happy Travelling!