• Hyderabad: The City Of Pearls

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    Things to Do In Hyderabad

    Other Places of Importance to Visit in Hyderabad

    Places worth Visiting Near To Hyderabad

    What is the best time to visit Hyderabad?

    Commuting methods in Hyderabad

    Advantages of Travelling With Chiku Cab

    Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh as well as Telangana is one of those few metropolitan cities left which have a bit of culture, heritage, and a brief history still located inside them. This makes Hyderabad one of the best cities to travel to for a quick trip or even an extensive trip. Hyderabad is such a city that has everything to offer for people from older as well as a younger generation, making it an awesome tourists place, the perfect romantic city for couples, and also the best city to explore for the solo-travelers. Most of the monuments of attractions in Hyderabad have a long history behind them, but being a developing city, there are many other things to do including indulging in happening nightlife and eating at street joints to get to know the city a little better.

    Things to Do In Hyderabad

    1. Visit Charminar

    Charminar, popularly known as the Arc de Triomphe of the East is the most visited tourist destination in Hyderabad. The literal meaning of Char Minar in the language Urdu translates to four minarets or towers. These four towers are arranged in a perfect square shape with each side having an arched dome and facing four different streets. The Charminar is the perfect blend of Persian, Indian, and Islamic ways of construction and design. This is easily visible to us through the domes, arches, minarets, and embellishment on the ceiling. The second story of the Charminar is a place reserved for prayers and is the oldest mosque in the whole of Hyderabad. This place is extremely crowded during prayer times, especially on Fridays.  One can also take a descriptive look at the courtroom that was used during the Qutub Shah reign in Hyderabad. Just outside the Charminar are the bangle and pearl Bazar. Hyderabad right from its inception is known for pearls and this legacy continues to date. Both these markets are the best places where you can showcase your haggling techniques with the shopkeeper.

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    1. Visit The Salar Jung Museum

    Located at the banks of the River Musi is the Salang Jung Museum, renowned as the World’s largest One-Man Art Collection. The name is given in honor of Salang Jung III, the head of the ministry of the 7th Nizam of Hyderabad, who was an articulate art collector and admirer. Although during his whole life he had collected over 43,000 artifacts and more than 50,000 manuscripts, the museum just showcases a fraction of his total collection. The artifacts showcased in the museum are from various countries and continents of all styles. The most renowned collection is the wardrobe of Tipu Sultan and the intricate paintings of Raja Ravi Varma.

    1. Visit The Golconda Fort

    Although the Golconda Fort is in complete ruins due to the wars that took place in the 16th and 17th centuries, the aura of real majestic and royales still lingers here. Golconda Fort is right on the outskirts of the main city of Hyderabad but still is an architectural marvel one should visit for understanding history and heritage. The total area covered by the Golconda Fort is roughly about 11 sq. km. This total land holds temples, mosques, arbors, and a huge water supply system with airy ventilation beyond imagination. You can also witness stone carvings and tombs of the Qutub Shahi Emperors at the Golconda Fort. Although even the court halls are in ruins, they are so well ornamented that they for sure depict the rich heritage of the Qutub Shahi Empire and the Golconda Fort.

    1. Eat At Paradise Restaurant

    Deep down we all know, that coming to Hyderabad everyone has a secret purpose and that is to feast on the Hyderabadi Biryani. It is indeed the trademarked dish of Hyderabad. And the best place to eat the signature old Hyderabadi Biryani is Paradise Restaurant. Here the biryani is served with curd salad and a spicy chili pepper gravy. The method of cooking the biryani along with its taste and aroma will for sure make you forget all the other biryanis you must have ever had in your life! Keep Paradise Restaurant on your checklist when you visit Hyderabad.

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    1. Ramoji Film City

    Considered to be one of the largest film cities in India, the Ramoji Film City has the capacity to hold almost 50 film sets at any given point in time. Inaugurated in the year 1991, Ramoji Film City has always been a top tourist destination spot for people around the globe visiting Hyderabad. The Ramoji Film City lies across 2500 acres of land and holds the Guinness Book of World Record award for its spaced area. The film city is equipped with state-of-the-art technology thus making it the foremost choice of all film-makers to get their film shoot and also for the post-production technicalities of the film. The Ramoji Film City is also a place for adventure sports, a bird sanctuary, and a picnic spot for couples and families.

    1. Hussain Sagar Lake

    The biggest artificial lake in Asia, the Hussain Sagar Lake connects the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Titled after Hussain Shah Wali, the Hussain Sagar Lake is built on the subsidiary of the lake Musi in the year 1562. The center of attraction at Hussain Sagar Lake is a 350-ton weighing statue of Lord Buddha carved in white granite and is approximately 15 meters high. Hussain Sagar Lake is also a spot for trying out adventurous water sports like parasailing, cruising, water-skiing, and loads more. It is said that just by sitting at the foot of the Buddha statue one can feel the aura of tranquility to calm the mind and gain positive energy.

    1. Visit Birla Temple

    One of the biggest constructions you will ever see made out of white marble is the Birla Temple in Hyderabad. It is roughly made out of 2000 tons of white marble. The original purpose of building this temple was to create a space for meditators. Try to visit the Birla Temple in the evening times, preferably after sunset, and get a feel of peace and calmness etched in your mind forever.

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    Other places of Importance to visit in Hyderabad?

    • Chowmahalla Palace
    • Lumbini Park
    • Qutub Shahi Tombs
    • Birla Planetarium
    • Purani Haveli
    • NTR Gardens
    • KBR National Park
    • Mecca Masjid

    Are places worth Visiting Near To Hyderabad?

    • Ananthagiri Hills
    • Bhongir Fort
    • Singur Dam
    • Rachakonda Fort
    • Naraspur Forest
    • Nagarjuna Sagar
    • Warangal
    • Kuntala Waterfalls
    • Belum Caves
    • Humpy

    What Is The Best Time To Visit Hyderabad?

    Owing to the heat soaring in the summer months, it is advised that you plan a trip to Hyderabad during the winter months that is from October to March.

    Commuting Methods in Hyderabad

    Being a city of major importance, Hyderabad is well connected via flights and trains to all the major cities around India as well as the world. The GMR Hyderabad International Airport is just at a small distance of roughly 25 kilometers from the main city. To travel towards or from the airport you can now book cab services from Chiku Cab to travel in comfort and pleasure. Chiku Cab also provides cab services in Hyderabad to travel internally in the city and even to travel to destinations nearby Hyderabad.

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