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    Best Places to Visit in Shimla



    There was a temple excavated in the dense forest around Jakhoo Hill which had an idol of Goddess Shyamala, an incarnation of the Goddess Kali, from which Shimla has derived its name. Shimla because of its beautiful and pleasant climate throughout the summer, even made the Summer Capital of India during the British Raj. Currently, serving as the capital city of the state of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is one of the most famed and visited hill stations in India. Surrounded on all sides by Pine, Deodhar, and the Oak trees, Shimla is a town now famous for its Victorian Architecture which is easily detected in the Mall Road, the Ridge, and the toy-train amenity. A heavenly spot for tourists of all kinds and ages, Shimla has always kept its head up in terms of tourism. With a pleasant climate throughout the year and a snowy environment during winters, Shimla is a hub-spot for tourists throughout the year. Shimla, also known as the Queen of Hill stations, is even famous for snow adventure sport lovers. Let’s look at the top places of Tourism in Shimla.

    Best Places to Visit in Shimla

    • The Ridge

    Adorned by the beauty of Nature, with views of Snow-clad Mountain ranges with clear blue skies, the Ridge at Shimla is one the most visited places in Shimla. The Ridge can be considered as the extension of the Mall Road from east to west and is the social meeting hub of the locals of Shimla. You will observe many tourists clicking photographs here because of the scenic beauty. Victorian style and Gothic style architecture monuments and buildings can be found extensively at the Ridge. The two most famed activities to do at the Ridge are souvenir shopping and yes binge-eating on the Pahadi style of food!

    • Kufri

    With an approximate an hour’s ride from the City Center of Shimla, Kufri is an extravagant place located in Shimla. Kufri is not only famous for its natural beauty, but also for the various adventure sports activities that can be enjoyed here. One can learn ice-skating as well as skiing when in Kufri. As a matter of fact, Kufri is even known as the Winter Sports Capital of India. Kufri experiences snowfall during the winters and thus is a tourists’ favorite hub during the winter months in India.

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    • Jakhoo Temple

    The topmost point of Shimla, which is encompassed by the Alpine Trees, aids in helping the tourists view the Shivalik Range of Mountains. Situated above 8000 feet above sea level, the Jakhoo Hills boasts of the Hanuman Temple, which has the biggest idol of Lord Hanuman (measuring 108 feet in height). According to mythological stories and scriptures, the location of the Hanuman Mandir is the exact same place where Lord Hanuman had rested for a period of time during his journey of Sanjeevani Booti for helping Lord Rama’s brother, Lakshamana revival during the war in Lanka.

    • Christ Church

    Famous for its devotional vibes and marvelous architectural structure, the Christ Church in Shimla is the second biggest church in the whole of North India. The Victorian and Non-Gothic style of architecture, makes us go back to do the British Raj era when this church was built in a huge span of 11 years. When totally illuminated by lights after sunset, the joy of looking at this church is much more as compared to the daytime. Also, during the winter season, the church takes the form of a snow castle. Throughout the year, the yellow-colored Christ Church structure is flocked by devotees and architecture students, and lovers alike. The five Christian Virtues are depicted in this church with the help of 5 bells and 5 stained glasses on the entrance porch. The peaceful and serene aura around the church makes it a place must visit in Shimla. Because of its beauty, the Christ Church has also been used as set-in various Bollywood movies.

    • Chadwick Falls

    The Chadwick Falls is a waterfall that gushes down from a distance of 100 meters throughout the year in the Glen Forests located in Shimla. It is equivalent to adventure sports while visiting this place owing to the dark and damp environment created by the dense forest in which Chadwick Falls is located. In the local language of Shimla, Chidku means a sparrow and Jhaar means waterfalls, from which the colloquial name of Chidku Jhaar for Chadwick Falls is formed. It was believed by the locals, that only sparrows could reach the top of these waterfalls and no human can ever achieve this feat. Chidku Jhaar was a tough phrase for the Britishers to pronounce and thus was renamed, Chadwick Falls. There is another story to the name that a science scholar named Chadwick had ended his life here, due to which the name Chadwick Falls is given. Whatever the story may be, Chadwick Falls is a place of serene beauty and must be included in the checklist of Shimla tourists.

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    • Summer Hill

    Summer Hill is an extension to the city of Shimla and is located approximately 2150 meters above the sea-level. Coincidentally, Summer Hill happens to be one of the 7 famous hills of Shimla. Summer Hill is famous for its picturesque landscape which becomes better during the winter season, a place for trekking lovers, and also for horse riding as a professional sport. When at Summer Hill, do not forget to visit the Viceregal Lodge, Summer Hill Railway Station, Gaiety Theatre, Kali Bari Temple, and the Annandale Army Heritage Museum. Being closely located to The Ridge, Summer Hill is a tourist spot one just cannot miss out on.

    • Annandale

    Annandale is a famous tourist location in Shimla, especially known for its splendid golf course, army heritage museum, cactus museum, and multipurpose playground. Annandale is filled with tourists and sports enthusiasts throughout the year to take part in practice sessions of three major sports – cricket, polo, and golf. Also, as the temperature remains pleasant at Annandale even in Summers, it turns out to be a picnic and rejuvenation spot for the locals as a weekend getaway. The playground of Annandale as of now is famous for hosting various Indian Army Events, as well as, a Helipad for the choppers of the Indian Army.

    • Indian Institute of Advanced Studies

    The Indian Institute of Advanced Studies is renowned for its beautiful Victorian-style architecture and is situated in the Observatory Hills of Shimla. It was a grand structure built during the British era which is now converted into an Educational Institute which offers courses for post-doctoral education. Back in the British Era, this majestic architectural structure was used to hold political meetings of the Britishers.

    • Mall Road

    The romantic gateway of the couples in Shimla is Mall Road. Also, it is one of the most sought places by tourists of all age groups and interests. There is an array of restaurants, cafes, shops, showrooms, and roadside vendors selling hand-made craft pieces at Mall Road. One can easily depict Mall Road to be the spirit of Shimla. When at Mall Road, do not forget to pay a visit to the Kali Bari Temple, Gaiety Theatre, Scandal Point, and Town Hall. As Mall Road, doesn’t permit vehicles to be driven here, evening times offer breath-taking natural scenic beauty which can be enjoyed during a walk with your loved and near ones.

    • Tara Devi Temple

    Set atop the Tara Parbat (Tara Mountain), the Tara Devi Temple is said to be at least 2 and half centuries old. The locals of Shimla also call this temple Shoghi. A beautiful and spiritually awakened place, the serenity at the Tara Devi Temple is simply breathtaking. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Tara, the Tibetan Buddhist Goddess, and is considered to be one of the nine sisters of Goddess Durga. The idol of the temple was brought to Shimla by the Sen Dynasty right from West Bengal and is carved out of wood. The day of Ashtami during the Navratri Festival is celebrated in a pompous manner hereafter a holy ritual is performed.

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    • Kalka Shimla Railway

    Built during the British period in the year 1898, the Kalka Shimla Railway route is a narrow-gauge track that is the top-most tourist attraction when in Shimla. Declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Kalka Shimla Railway is a mountain encircling rail track that offers views of the Shivalik Mountain Ranges. This train ride will take you around 925 curves, 100 tunnels, and 875 tunnels. A few of the famous halts during this train ride are Solan, Barog, Taradevi, Dharampur, Summer Hill, and Salogra.

    • Shimla State Museum

    Also called the Himachal State Museum, this museum showcases various ancient coins, paintings, and artifacts from around the country that have influenced the Pahari style of art and crafts. There are also around 10,000 magazines and journals showcased at the museum which bring loads of history and art lovers to visit the museum. You can also enjoy the doll gallery section in the museum famous for its bride and groom dolls. Built during the British Era, the construction was the residence of Lord William Beresford, the Military Secretary to the British Viceroy. It was also occupied by a lot of other significant Indians and was later converted into a State Museum from the year 1974.


    Shimla is a heavenly place to visit and experience the culture of India along with its natural beauty. Plan your trip well ahead, so that you don’t have to face the last moment booking hassles and as well as enjoy early bird discounts for your vacation.