• Heavenly experience at some beautiful places in India

    Posted on March 28, 2023 by in Road Trip

    To keep yourself calm and relax your mind from the chaos, stargazing helps in providing peace and rejuvenating one’s mind and body. Stargazing improves the capacity for understanding. Stargazing basically is an activity of looking up at stars and other objects up in the sky. For some, it is a hobby to relax their mind. Research has told that stargazing might help in giving a pause to continue running and trapped the mind. This might help in giving proper rest to the mind and help in search of deep peace within you. India has few attractive places for stargazing; to visit such places booking a cab on rent with Chiku Cab would be a great idea.

    A few places for stargazing in India include:

    • Spiti Valley: Stargazing at Spiti Valley (situated in Himachal Pradesh) can be done at Tabo, Komic, Dhankar, Losar, and Kibber. Lay down 10000 to 15000 above sea level and stare at the stars if lucky then you might even get the opportunity to witness a shooting star even. Try to stare when it’s completely dark at late night as the sky becomes clear. It will definitely be a unique experience of stargazing from the hills. For a road journey to Spiti Valley if you need a taxi then book your favorite taxi with Chiku Cab.

    Other activities to be done at Spiti Valley include:

    1. River Rafting
    2. Yak Safari
    3. Camping
    4. Experience homestay
    5. Trek to DhanKarLake

    • Nubra Valley: Nubra Valley is the famous stargaze spot in Leh Ladakh. Milky Way is also visible from this Valley. The best months to visit Nubra Valley are April to June and September to October. The sky is clear because of less pollution between these mountain ranges. Observe the sky without any disturbance. Witnessing the clear sky jeweled with stars will take you to a different world of imagination. This place is blessed with immense natural beauty and attractive nature. Reserve a cab immediately to visit this mesmerizing place.

    Other activities to be done at Nubra Valley includes:

    1. Bactrian Camel Rides
    2. Camping
    3. Visit famous monasteries
    4. Quad Biking
    5. Cycling in Villages

    • Rann of Kutch: A place free from pollution, Rann Of Kutch in Gujarat is another beautiful place for stargazing. It is a salt desert also named White Rann. Visit here, especially on full moon day or new moon day, your experience of stargazing will be indifferent. The best time to visit Rann of Kutch would be from November to February. To experience the panoramic view of the sky from Rann Of Kutch hire a taxi from us.

    Other activities to be done to attain Of Katch includes:

    1. Visit White Salt Desert
    2. Visit Kala Dungar
    3. Enjoy Camel ride
    4. Handicraft village tour
    5. Visit Narayan Sarovar

    • Coorg: A famous tourist attraction in Karnataka witness the footfall of numerous visitors to experience stargazing.Tadiandamolpeakis a well-known spot for stargazing. A place without any pollution, full of trees, hills, birds, and clear clouds, and overall a soothing place for sightseeing. Day or night both are worth watching. The favorable time to visit Coorg for stargazing is between October to March. Travel Coorg with us for stargazing in our luxury cabs on rent. Make your stargazing trip a memorable one.

    Other activities to be done at Coorg includes:

    1. Experience homestay
    2. Visit Abhey Falls
    3. Try fish catching
    4. Enjoy Trekking
    5. Enjoy Elephant rides

    • Jaisalmer: Major tourist attraction in Rajasthan is a great place for stargazing. At night the sky is pollution free and stars are visible clearly. During winter visiting here will provide a different experience of stargazing there are no clouds and the sky is visible clearly. Amazing moonlight and the stars will so mesmerizing. Book a drive in your desired cab from us for a better travel experience. Enjoy your night in tents to experience a beautiful natural panoramic sky view. Click pictures. Feel the universe and spend quality with yourself.

    Other activities to be done at Jaisalmer includes:

    1. Desert Camping
    2. Camel Safari
    3. Jeep Safari
    4. Visit Jaisalmer fort
    5. Enjoy the view at GadisarLake

    • Katao: Situated 15000 ft. above sea level is the most captivating place in Sikkim. The snow-covered mountain and natural beauty dignify it as the ‘ Switzerland of Sikkim’. A less crowded place is best for stargazing. Spend your weekend here to relax completely. Pleasant weather and clear nights make it a perfect place for stargazing. The milky way galaxy can also be seen from here. Stay close to nature to rejuvenate your body and soul. For exciting weekends book a reliable cab from Chiku Cab.

    Other activity to be done at Katao includes:

    1. Visit Gurudongmar Lake
    2. Visit Zero Point
    3. Visit Lachen Monastery
    4. Visit Khanda Waterfalls
    5. Adventure at Mount KataoLachung

    • Sonmarg: Located 2800 ft. above sea level, this place in Jammu and Kashmir has a clear and pollution-free atmosphere for stargazing. This place is surrounded by forests, lakes, and habitat of more attractive natural beauty. The lights on dark nights because of the moon and stars feel like a blanket full of natural artwork. Blue sky above and snow-covered mountains in the surroundings along with camp in between, such an unforgettable environment to be in. Plan a trip to Sonmarg with a reasonable ride booked.

    Other activities to be done at Sonmarg include:

    1. Trekking
    2. SatsarLake
    3. Baltal Valley
    4. Thsjiwas Glacier
    5. Zoji-La pass
    • Taregna: A place, whose name has stars in it, is a great place to witness a dark sky full of stars and moon. A few kilometers away from Patna, this place is an unusual place for stargazing. Aryabhataspends most of his time reading celestial bodies here with the help of a telescope. It is a small district in Bihar that is an observatory center for reading celestial bodies.Experience this offbeat place for stargazing. Choose your required taxi from us on number 844-844-5504

    Other activities to be done at Taregna include:

    1. Visit Bihar Museum
    2. Visit Buddha Smriti Park
    3. Visit Shri Mahavir Temple
    4. Visit Gandhi Maidan
    5. Visit Sanjay Gandhi, Biological Park

    • Pangong Lake: This Lake is a Ladakh, the place that comes on the bucket list of each traveler. As it has fascinating natural surroundings and a clean sky so the stargazing experience is mind blowing here. This place has gained so much fame among tourists. They visit here generally during summer to run away from the heat of the city. It has a picture-perfect view of sky during the night. The best time to visit is between Junes to September. Experience the best ride to Pangong Lake with us.

    Other activities to be done at Pangong include:

    1. KhardungaPass
    2. SpangmikVillage
    3. Chang-Chenmo Mountain
    4. Thiksey Monastery
    5. Try Ice-hockey and skating

    • Mandarmani: A less popular stargazing place in Kolkata is yet another place to visit for your weekends. Around new moon time, the sky is worth seeing as it is presented as beautifully carved under dark night. Experience this not-so-famous place in West Bengal with your close ones and have a well-spent time. Reserve the best cab for your closes ones with Chiku Cab. Have a remembered vacation.

    Other activities to be done at Mandarmani includes:

    1. Enjoy water sports at the beach
    2. Visit Rose Valley resort
    3. Visit Sun view resort
    4. Mohana Delta
    5. Sea sun hotel and restaurant


    Stargazing is an activity that is basically done to get connected with yourself. Search your inner peace, so for this, your mind should be completely trouble-free from all kinds of travel confusion. So, for this Chiku Cab is there to provide you with the best cab services all over India. You can enjoy your trip completely stress-free. We would suggest choosing the place for stargazing according to their best time to visit as to have a marvelous experience of visiting. You would not regret your visit if visited at the correct time. For booking do visit our website www.chikucab.com, download the app Chiku Cab or call on 844-844-5504.