• Famous festival of Tamil Nadu : Pongal

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    The festival of harvest ‘Pongal’ is a famous festival in Tamil Nadu. People celebrate the festival of Pongalafter harvesting the paddy crop. It is a religious, cultural, and social festival to thank the Lord Sun and the natural elements that support agriculture. It is celebrated in the month of Thai (January) for four days.

    Four days of Pongal

    Bhogi Pongal: Bhogi Pongal is the first day of Pongal. On this day people get up early in the morning and clean their houses and decorate their houses by drawing a Kolam. Apart from this, people throw old things from their houses into the fire. This practice is considered a symbol of the new beginning of their life. This day is dedicated to Lord Indra who is the king of Gods. Everyone worships Lord Indra on this day.

    Surya Pongal: Surya Pongal is the second day of Pongal. This day is dedicated to Lord Surya. Pongal is made on this day, it is a type of kheer that is made in an earthen pot decorated with a branch of a turmeric tree or flower garland. Pongal means to boil and like its name to make Pongal, milk is boiled in a pot and rice with sugar is added to that milk. This milk is boiled until it falls out of the pot. This sweet dish is first of all offered to God and animals. Afterward,  this Prashad is distributed among others.

    Mattu Pongal: Mattu Pongal is the third day of Pongal, whose name is associated with Mattu, ie, Nandi, the vehicle of Lord Shiva. This day is dedicated to all the animals like cows or bulls. On this day these animals are decorated and food is offered to them.

    Kaanum Pongal: KaanumPongal is the last day of Pongal festival. On this day all the family members, relatives, friends, or neighbors visit each other’s house and celebrate it by offering gifts. Many social and traditional programs are organized on this day. Thus, this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm all four days.

    Some of the best places to celebrate Pongal

    Chennai: This four days festival is celebrated with joy and gaiety in Chennai in January. This is the season in which rice, turmeric, sugarcane, and many other crops are grown. The festival of Pongal begins with the enjoyment of BhogiPongal. Each house is decorated with beautiful ‘Rangoli’. Rangoli is not just a part of decoration but also a tradition. Rangoli competition is also held amongst the women. This festival is celebrated as a thanksgiving for the harvest of the year. It is believed that in the month of Thai, from the first day of Pongal all the sorrow, pains and evils are destroyed from the house. To experience this unique festival of Tamil Nadu book a ride with Chiku Cab.

    Coimbatore: Pongal festival is made from sugarcane crop which is grown in large numbers in Tamil Nadu. Sweet Pongal is served with sugarcane on Pongal day. People wear new clothes on this day, they celebrate this festival with all new things. Pongal is a life-changing festival. On this day after decorating their homes, people go to the temple and offer prayers. People believe that on the day of the Pongal festival, it is necessary to seek the blessings of God before starting worship and religious rituals. People even worship ‘Trishul’ because it is a symbol of good over evil. Book tour packages by cab and enjoy the Pongal festival of Tamil Nadu.

    Madurai: Madurai is the best place to celebrate Pongal. Pongal festival gives the inspiration to start a new life. On this day some women make decorative figures on the floor with rice flour which is known as ‘Kolam’. This ‘kolam’ is made from new crop rice. Sun, nature, and cattle are worshiped on all four days of Pongal. A form of thanksgiving to all three who are majorly involved in growing the crops and feeding people. Pongal is made in a decorated earthen pot with milk, rice, and sugar. Turmeric is considered very sacred here. Tumeric and paddy crops come out together. Apart from this, sugarcane crops even come out. Sun-shaped kolam is made and everyone in the house takes bath and worships it. To visualisePongal festival in Madurai book cab services with Chiku Cab.

    Thanjavur: Like other cities of Tamil Nadu, Pongal is celebrated on a large scale with full enthusiasm in Thanjavur too. Rituals of all four days are followed in a systematic way. Lord Sun is worshiped on this day. Prashad is distributed after worship of the Lord Sun. Sugarcane is cut and Canaria is made out of it and is also distributed along with Prashad. A farmer plows and sows the field with the help of a bull. That’s why cows and bulls have special importance on the day of Mattu Pongal. On this day everyone worships their pets and offers food to them. To meet near and dear ones during Pongal book our car on rent and have fun.

    Pollachi: Pongal festival is all about showing gratitude. Gratitude to those because of whom crops are sown and grown. All four days are thanksgiving to Lord Indra, Lord Sun, and cattle. In the evening, the wives of the farmer gather in the temple of the village goddess to worship. After this, there is an exciting race of bullock carts in which all youngsters, children, and old people participate as the audience. The festival of Pongalspreads the colors of happiness in the lives of people. To know more about this festival visit Tamil Nadu with a taxi on rent by Chiku Cab.

    Salem: Festivals increase happiness and enthusiasm in people. Pongal is the main festival of Salem. Pongal festival is related to farmers and agriculture. Pongal festival is celebrated when the rice crop is ready to ripen. According to its meaning ‘to boil’, newly grown rice with sugar is boiled in milk. Here also this festival is celebrated for four days. People paint their houses and decorate them a lot. In all the houses women make rangoli. On the first day, Lord Indra is worshiped because of the rain provided to grow the rice crops. On the second day, Lord Sun is worshiped which again helps the rice crops to grow. On the third day, cows and bulls are worshiped for helping in growing rice crops. On the fourth day, all the relatives visit each other’s place and have lunch and dinner together. Hire a car on rent from Chiku Cab and celebrate Pongal in Tamil Nadu.


    This was the whole description of how Pongal is celebrated in all the major cities of Tamil Nadu. Our country is called the country of festivities and festivals. Each festival in India has its own uniqueness and specialty. A specialty of this festival is that it brings near and dear ones close. All of the elements that are required for the rice crops to grow nicely are worshiped during these times. People visit each other’s houses and have lunch together. Many entertainment programs are also organized these days. Celebrate each day of Pongal at different places in Tamil Nadu with a taxi booked with Chiku Cab on rent.