• The Harvest festival celebrated in North India: Lohri

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    ‘Lohri’ is the main festival of North India. This festival is mainly the cultural festival of Punjab but still it is celebrated with full enthusiasm in the whole of North India.

    Every year this festival is celebrated one or two days before Makar Sankranti. On the day of the festival, after it gets dark in the evening a bonfire is lit and people take around around this bonfire.

    They wish for a happy life. While taking rounds a Punjabi song is even sung and offerings of puffed rice, and peanuts & ready for the bonfire are made. Lohri is traditionally a special festival associated with the sowing and harvesting of crops. For Lohri celebrations book a cab from Chiku Cab. Let’s know how Lohri is celebrated in different cities of India.


    Lohri’s preparation starts in the morning. Their morning begins with flying colorful kites in the sky. Kites are called ‘Guddi’ in Amritsar.

    On this festival, there is a tradition of worshipping the new crops all over Punjab. After lighting the fire sesame seeds, jaggery, gajak, and rewadi are offered to the fire.

    People celebrate the festival by singing traditional songs and dancing to the beats of dhol. Lohri marks the end of the winter season. It is also considered an important festival for the farmers of Punjab. To enjoy Lohri of Amritsar reserve a taxi from Chiku Cab.


    Lohri festival is of great importance for newly married couples and newly born babies. In Chandigarh, various events are held at different places on the occasion of Lohri. From traditional to modern there are various ways to celebrate Lohri.

    Hotels, eating joints, and shops are decorated with lights. Famous sweet dishes are kept ready to consume during Lohri. Bigger celebration is done by families who have newborn babies. They gave a special and huge party on this day.

    Invite all close ones and celebrate together. Colorful decorations are done at malls along with Punjabi dance programs on dhol. If someone wishes to have fun in Lohri in Chandigarh opt for our car rental services.


    Lohri festival is celebrated by the Punjabi community in Delhi. It is believed that this auspicious day removes all the negatives in one’s life.

    This festival brings an abundance of happiness, peace, and love to everyone’s life. Lohri festival is full of enthusiasm and fun. Lohri is celebrated by all the people together with their family members and relatives.

    On this day, various entertainment programs are organized by malls, hotels, cafes, etc. Programs are given a Punjabi touch by using Punjabi songs, participants talking in Punjabi while conducting shows, and wearing Punjabi-style outfits.

    Along with all these activities, mouth-watering Punjabi food is also prepared on this day and served with love and blessings. To celebrate the Lohri festival with your loved ones definitely book a taxi service by Chiku Cab.


    The main tradition of the Lohri festival is a bonfire. With a bonfire in the center and people moving around it, singing a famous Punjabi song and offerings sesame seeds, puffed rice, and rewadi to the bonfire and praying for a healthy and prosperous life.

    In addition, to enjoy this festival more, people dance together on dhol. This festival fills everyone’s heart with happiness and enthusiasm. This day is welcomed as the end of the winter season and the beginning of longer days and smaller nights.

    Sun is considered a God and is worshipped for providing enough grains to feed all the families. Basically, sun rays help the crops to grow very well. Book an outstation cab to Ludhianaand enjoy Lohri.


    To show their happiness for the rabi crops harvested well this year, Punjabis celebrate the Lohri festival. They also consider this day as their new year.

    Lohri is made up of the Hindi word ‘Loh’ which means iron, it represents an iron pan that is helpful in making Chapattis.  Basically, it shows food that is being harvested is respected.

    Mornings are celebrated with flying kites and in the evening all near and dear ones gathered together, light a bonfire, move around it, sing a Punjabi song and pray for a happy and peaceful year ahead.

    All the people especially women are dressed up in proper Punjabi outfits to have a full feel of the festival. Make your Lohri amazing by booking a comfortable ride by Chiku Cab for Jalandhar.


    Lohri festival is also associated with the famous historical name ‘Dullah Bhatti’.  The story behind this is that once upon a time when Mughal emperor ‘Akbar’ used to rule, Dullah Bhatti was a highway robber.

    He used to steal money from rich Mughals and donate it to the poor. Apart from helping poor people, he also rescued many Hindu girls from becoming slaves.

    For this reason, he was respected by Punjabis a lot and even people called him their ‘Robin Hood’. That’s why ‘Dullah Bhatti’ is described in the Lohri songs. Lohri festival means a lot to all the Punjabis.

    They celebrate it every year to have a fruitful and blessed year ahead. Choose your favorite car on rent for Lohri celebrations in Punjab.

    Enjoy the sacred Lohri with Chiku Cab India

    Punjabis celebrate Lohri at the beginning of the new year to thank the region’s farmers for all their hard work over the past year. Many people believe that the night of the winter solstice, when Lohri is celebrated, is the longest of the year. At night, the party is over once the bonfire is lit.
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    Significance of Lohri
    Punjabis celebrate the start of their new year on January 13 with a bonfire, brightly colored clothes, music, and dancing. Lohri is a festival that celebrates the end of a long winter, the start of a new year, and the arrival of spring.

    Most of the time, the festival happens at the same time as the rabi crop harvest. Some people think of Lohri as a harvest festival because it usually happens when sugarcane is picked.

    This is why farmers in Punjab consider the day after Lohri (Maghi) to be the financial New Year. The event is linked to gurrewri, peanuts, and popcorn. Traditional dishes during Lohri in rural Punjab include gajak, Sarson da saag, and Makki di roti. Til rice is also often served.

    It is sweet rice flavored with jaggery (gur) and sesame seeds.

    Chandigarh, Amritsar, Jalandhar, and Ludhiana are the places to be for the big Lohri celebrations.

    You can see these places by renting a car with a driver in Punjab. Lohri celebrations in Ludhiana are to be noticed by people who like to move to the beat of the music, especially since professional dance troupes perform Bhangra and Gidda in the streets while wearing bright traditional clothes.
    Bihu Magh/Bhogali, Assam

    Assam’s most important holiday is the Magh Bihu festival. The short northern transit of the sun is celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm because it greatly impacts farming.

    Uruka, also called Bihu Eve, is the first day of the holiday and is all about getting ready. Traditional dishes like chira, pithy, large, and curd are made by hand by a group of people (usually women) for a special dinner.

    Young men and women are working together in the fields to build a Bhelaghar out of bamboo, thatch, and leaves.
    Makar Sankranti in Bengal
    Makar Sankranti is a big harvest festival in India that happens in January. Hindus all over the country celebrate it.

    As the sun gets higher in the sky, warmer weather and longer days come with it. This means that winter is coming to an end. The cultural meaning of Makar Sankranti changes from one state to the next. Each area has its way of celebrating and welcoming the new harvest season.
    Concept of Lohri
    Lohri comes from the word “Tilohri,” which is made up of two words that mean different things. It is made up of two parts: sesame seeds (til) and jaggery (right). The holiday wasn’t always called Lohri, but that is now what it is called.

    Conventional wisdom says that jaggery and sesame are the best foods to cleanse and purge the body. It is said that these nutrients can make a person’s natural good mood even better. People give thanks to nature and the gods during the bonfire ritual by giving them food like gur, til, and gajak.

    People also say that the Lohri came from the word “loh,” which means firelight and warmth.
    Significance of bonfire
    An important part of any Lohri ceremony is a bonfire. But why do we build fires? What do they mean? It’s a holy ritual that has been shown to bring more money and happiness. A roaring fire represents Agni. During the festival season, people bring Gur, til, and gajak as gifts to Lord Agni in order to gain his favor.

    People also believe walking around the sacred fire will bring more luck, happiness, and hope. The day’s goal is to get people to give up all forms of negativity and live happier healthier lives.
    Harvest festival
    Lohri is also a time for farmers to celebrate the harvest. During the Lohri season, people gather Rabi, which is a well-known winter crop. After thanksgiving and praise prayers are said to the gods on this day, the harvest often starts. They ask Lord Agni to bless their land with all of his many gifts so that it will be more productive and successful.

    Worshippers often say the popular mantra “Aadar Aye Dilather Jaye” as they walk around the sacred fire. This means “may honor come and poverty leave.”
    This signifies the end of the cold winter months.
    The celebration of the end of the long winter is one of the most important parts of Lohri. People say that Lohri is the coldest day of winter. After Lohri, the days get longer and warmer as they go on. It also marks the start of spring, which is the time when flowers bloom.

    This holiday is different from Holi, which marks the change from spring to summer.
    Delectable foods for the cold season
    Good food is an important part of any party or event. After a meal, people usually feel better and have a more happy attitude. This is also true for Lohri, by the way.

    On this happy day, cooks make lots of traditional, delicious dishes. ChiraunjiMakhane ki Kheer, Gur ki Roti, PindiChanne, Makki ki Roti, and Sarson ka Saag are all in this category.
    To Commemorate the Beginning of a New Financial Year
    Lohri is known as the festival of harvest and happiness, but you might not know that it also has important historical meaning. Yes, you did read that right!

    Lohri was the day when the money from selling the winter crops was gathered. But things have changed since then. But it seems that some people in Punjab still do this, which is a very important practice for Sikhs.
    Possessing a deep religious significance
    Lohri is a religious holiday that is very important to both Hindus and Sikhs. Lohri has different meanings and stories in different religions. The name Lohri comes from the Hindu goddess Lohri, Holika’s sister. Her story is told at Holi, which is a festival of colors.

    Lohri, on the other hand, is called Lohi in Punjabi. Lohi married Sant Kabir, a very important person in the Sikh religion.
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