• The Best Ways to Utilize Journey from Ludhiana to Delhi with Cabs

    Posted on August 4, 2020 by in Taxi Service

    Ludhiana to Delhi Taxi Service

    Delhi is the capital city of India; this city says different things about the independence of India. Delhi has the maximum monuments, bars, clubs, and many more things.

    Delhi is the place where, people shift from different states, to earn, studies, medication, and for more purposes.  Ludhiana is also one of the cities, where people mostly travel to Delhi.

    To travel from Ludhiana, passengers usually prefer Ludhiana to Delhi Taxi service. Some passengers also opt for Ludhiana to Delhi car rentals. This transportation is easy, convenient and hence does not take more time to reach. The distance between Ludhiana and Delhi is 389 km, which is quite easy to cover with a car or rental taxi.

    Here are a few reasons, why Ludhiana to Delhi Taxi Service is better than any other transport.

    • Taxi Fare
    • Cab Services
    • Tourist Taxi Services

    Let’s know about these reasons in detail:

    Taxi Fare

    The distance between Ludhiana and Delhi is 389 km.  It is very difficult if you choose your car to reach there because you will face a parking issue and more.  So, it is better to choose a taxi and the fare is also relatively, low, and reliable. The taxi fare depends upon a few things like the model of the car, distance one has to travel, and more.

    Let’s see a table which gives an idea about taxi fare in detail:

    Type of Car

    Charge per Km


    Compact CNG vehicle

    Rs 7.50/km Rs 3140


    Rs 8.00/km

    Rs 3500

    Compact Diesel

    Rs 8.50/km

    Rs 4000

    Prime Sedan

    Rs 9.15/km

    Rs 4500


    Rs 9.40/km

    Rs 5500

    Prime SUV Rs 11.00/km

    Rs 6130


    Cab Services

    For such a huge distance, a cab is preferable to any other transport. The first and foremost reason for choosing a cab is its comfortness and to be on time.

    For cab services you don’t have to wait for hours, you can book this cab whenever you want. Everything in a cab is controlled by the app, even your bill will also arrive on the app or through the e-mail. Ludhiana to Delhi Cab Service provides you the easiest way to travel to Delhi. Cab service has a GPS system, which makes easy tracking.

    Ludhiana to Delhi Taxi Service

    Tourist Taxi Services

    The tourists who visit for the first time and don’t have any idea of the place can take the help of the taxi services. They can easily see the places with good guidance and safety. Taxi services can be considered as the best option for tourism. There are also two-way taxis available so that it does not cause any inconvenience for the people. This helps them to come back easily to their residence, or hotel.

    One more important thing is as they are tourists, so it is obvious that they must be having more luggage, taxi helps them reduce the burden of it. Also by taxi, one can travel more and visit more places in less time. Tourists Taxi is the best way to travel and reach your destination.

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