• Indian Christmas Sweets You Must Have This Year

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    It’s almost time for one of India’s biggest annual celebrations, and preparations have already begun. Everybody’s mood could use a lift right about now, and the bakery treats wafting out the door are just the thing to do that. Now is as good a time as any to indulge in some traditional Indian Xmas Sweets instead of sticking to your diet. What better way to celebrate the season of giving and receiving than with a sweet treat? You’ll be happy to know that there is no shortage of delectable Christmas treats available near you. Indulge your craving for something sweet and take a big bite out of a variety of flavors. Here are eight authentic Indian Christmas sweets to whet your stomach, along with suggestions about where to find them.

    All you need to do is book a taxi with Chiku Cab and visit the following places this Christmas and taste the traditional delicious Christmas sweets around India.


    Nevries (also spelled Nevreo/Neurio) is the centerpiece of the Christmas feast famous as Kuswar in Kannada and Consoada in Goa. Sweetened cocoa, nuts, semolina, and raisins form the filling for these crescent- and half-moon-shaped pastries. They’re airy and crisp on the outside but soft and sweet within. In terms of taste and texture, they manage to avoid being sickly sweet thanks to the incorporation of fresh coconut, which makes the interior moist and provides a pleasant contrast to the exterior’s crunch. When you take a bite out of a Nevrie, you’re celebrating.

    Best Place To Taste Nevries

    Mangalore, Karnataka’s Vas Bakery. You can find the Mangalore bakery on Bendore Church Road. To get to Vas Bakery this Christmas, just hire a cab in Mangalore and a local driver.


    Indian Kul Kuls (sometimes spelled Kalkals) is a Christmastime candy that is typically shaped like small curls. Indian Christmas celebrations would not be complete without these deep-fried, sugary pastry bites. It’s something that Catholics in the Indian states of Mangalore, Goa, and Maharashtra make every Christmas. Some people believe that Kulkuls is really a riff on the traditional Portuguese Christmas delight known as FilhosesEnroladas, which is a deep-fried, caramelized roll or noodle in the shape of a spiral. It is widely held that the Kulkuls found in India today were brought there by the Portuguese. These delicious snacks, known as Kidyo in Goa, are deep-fried rather than baked, and then rolled in sugar to enhance their flavor. These bite-sized morsels will melt on your lips and delight your taste buds.

    Best Place To Taste Kul-Kuls

    Mapusa and Braganza, Goa’s St. Joseph’s Bakery. Mapusa also produces world-famous spices, cashew nuts, and fenny; a trip to the city solely for its culinary offerings would not be a mistake. In order to make the most of the holiday season, we recommend hiring a local driver and renting a cab with Chiku Cab to get you to this bakery.


    This dish, which was heavily influenced by the Portuguese, is the most sought-after holiday treat in Goa. Check out this comprehensive travel guide if you’re thinking about spending Christmas in Goa. Since then, Bebinca has been dubbed the “Queen of Goan Desserts” due to her extraordinary culinary achievements. Its history, however, remains buried in obscurity. Anecdotes abound about Portuguese sisters in the seventeenth century who is credited with creating Bebinca. What really sets them apart, though, is their dedication to waste-free baking. According to urban legend, Bebinca was created as a way to use up excess egg yolks. The seven layers of this pudding are said to represent the 7 hills of the historic cities of Goa and Lisbon and were supposedly created by a nun named Bebiana using up any remaining egg yolks. Even though they were impressed, the priests said that even seven layers of this pudding weren’t enough for them. She was encouraged to make the dessert dish considerably larger so that it could hold at least twelve layers. In her honor, a sweet treat made with coconut, jaggery, and flour is now commonly known as Bebinca, and it can have as many as 16 layers.

    Best Place To Taste Bebinca

    Bakery: La Confiserie in Candolim, Goa. Also, their banana pastries and carrot cakes are to die for, so you should definitely give them a try. To get to the bakery in CamotimVaddo, just book a Goa taxi with Chiku Cab.


    Goan Bolinhas, a distinctive dessert from Goa, cannot be missing from a Christmas spread. Bolinas is a type of cake-like cookie made with coconut and semolina and flavored with cardamom. They have a slight crispness or crunchiness on the exterior and a tender interior when fresh from the oven. When they’re cool, the coconut and semolina become cloudlike, and the delicious cardamom flavor fades into the background. This wonderful cookie crumbles and melts on your lips, filling your mouth with a rush of coconut flavor.

    Best Place To Taste Bolinhas

    The Dom Pedros in Margao, Goa. Street cuisine in Margao is well-known, too; crisp cutlet in the typical Goan pao is a fan favorite. Visit Remy’s Cutlet Pav in Goa in an hourly rental cab in Goa with Chiku Cab. There is no way you could ever be sorry you did this.

    Guava Cheese

    One of the most delicious traditional Indian Christmas delicacies, Guava Cheese (or Perad) is made just over the holiday season. It’s another example of a dish with roots in Portuguese colonial cooking. Each bite is a mouthful of chewy, fudgy guava. This guava dessert is a traditional holiday treat for East Indians and Goans in India. You won’t be able to stop thinking about these cheesy, enticing bites.

    Best Place To Taste Guava Cheese

    Santacruz, Mumbai’s Vienna Bakery. Book a car hire in Mumbai to drive you to the Bakery, where you can buy classic Indian Christmas delicacies like Banana Chips and Chicken patties, for which the store is famous.

    Rose Cookies

    The traditional Anglo-Indian cookie and the holiday favorite among Indian Christians are Rose Cookies, or Achappam as they are known in Kerala. Rosettes are a type of cookie also known as Rose cookies and Rose Cakes. Amazingly crunchy and deep-fried, these sweet cookies are a staple on many people’s Christmas Kuswar trays. Due to their year-round appeal, you need not wait for a specific holiday to indulge in one. Coconut milk gives the batter a unique flavor in India. Prepared from flour, sugar, eggs, and coconut milk, these delicacies are a hit all over South India, particularly in the state of Kerala.

    Best Place To Taste Rose Cookies

    Located in Kochi, Kerala, Supreme Bakers is unrivaled in quality. Cakes, pastries, biscuits, nibbles, puddings, mousse, cheesecakes, and muffins are just some of the sweets on offer. A sinfully rich and sumptuous designer Christmas cake is also available for request. To get here, use a cab in Kochi with a local driver.

    Plum Cake

    This holiday season wouldn’t be complete without the traditional plum cake. In India, the holiday season wouldn’t be the same without a piece of this deliciousness. It’s fascinating to learn that a tiny coastal village in Kerala called Thalassery is where Indians first baked a Christmas fruitcake. A baker named Mambally Bapu opened the first bakery, the Royal Biscuit Factory, in 1880. In the year 1883, a British planter named Murdoch Brown offered Bapu a piece of plum cake he had brought from England. His desire for Bapu to remake it was granted. Bapu infused his own unique flavor onto the cake by utilizing seasonings and a real ale made from cashew apples and bananas.

    Best Place To Taste Plum Cake

    The original Indian Plum Cake for Christmas is a must-try at Mambally Royal Biscuit Factory in Thalassery, Kerala. If you are spending your Xmas vacation in Kerala, do make it a point to hire a comfortable Chiku Cab taxi to reach to this point.

    Sticky Rice Cakes

    Nagaland and Manipur celebrate Christmas with a special type of sticky rice cake. This dish is known as Niekhr├╣da in Nagaland, Tanghou in Manipur, and Haokhamui in Assam. It is mildly sweet, chewy, and pleasant. Covered in banana leaves and cooked, this delicacy consists of crushed sticky rice powder flavored with sugar or salt. Steamed to perfection, this classic rice cake is soft and chewy, with a subtle sweetness and milky flavor. Those who have never tried delicacies made with sticky rice are in for a real treat.

    Best Place To Taste Sticky Rice Cakes

    The Popular Bakery in the heart of Kohima, Nagaland. Chicken Manchurian and fried prawn, two dishes that the bakery is famous for, are a great way to cut through the richness of the sweets. Rent a cab in Kohima and have a local driver take you to NH 39, P.R. Hill for some authentic holiday cheer.


    Are your mouths watering yet? These festive sweets can be found all throughout India, from the north to the south, and from the east to the west. So now you know where to find the best ones, it’s time to go out and get a true feel for the holiday season! Get a rental car with a local driver with Chiku Cab and see all these sights in comfort. Get the Chiku Cab smartphone app for special deals on long-distance rides.