• Celebrate Holi Festival At These Beautiful Locations

    Posted on March 15, 2021 by in Taxi Service

    Holi is the festival of colors, and the favorite festival of Lord Krishna, and Goddess Radha in the Hindu religion. The history behind why people in India celebrate Holi is a quite popular story.

    Each color has its own meaning, and the purpose of applying colors to each other on the day of Holi spreads love and eliminates hatred. There are different cities in India where Holi is celebrated on a huge scale such as Barsana, Mathura, Vrindavan, Hampi, and more.

    You can even find Delhi to Mathura, Vrindavan Taxi to visit the Krishna Nagri.

    Today, Holi is not only celebrated in the country India but other countries where Indians have established themselves celebrate the festivals, and remember their roots. Holi is also known by the name of the festival of spring or festival of love, and more.

    holi celebration in India with Chiku Cab

    The best way to reach some of the major cities where Holi is celebrated at a huge scale is by simply doing car hire in Delhi, car rental in Amritsar, taking a car on rent in Mumbai, and more.

    The History behind Holi Celebration:

    The day on which people play with colors is not the actual Holi. The actual Holi is celebrated just a night before the color day. On this night, people unite at a certain location and roam around the bonfire. I

    n that bonfire, they pray to God to remove all sorrows from their lives. There are different types of rituals performed around the bonfire as there are different types of people such as Punjabi, Marathi, Tamilian, Gujarati, and this is why everybody does the worship in their own manner.

    Mathura holi celebration

    Holi is celebrated in the name of Holika who was the sister of demon king Hiranyakashipu who used to believe that he is the only god, and his son Prahalad was against him because he used to believe in his β€œHARI”.

    Hiranyakashipu tried a lot of ways to kill Prahalad, but Prahalad’s unconditional trust towards the god saved him all the time. The last procedure he tried was by asking Holika to sit on a bonfire with Prahalad and Holika was blessed that fire cannot kill her.

    But because of her bad intentions, she got killed by the fire, and Prahalad remained alive.

    Since then people are celebrating Holi with colors, and praying to god to prevent them from negativity, and bad intentions.

    List of Places Where Playing Holi Is a Must to Enjoy the Festival & Its Real Meaning:

    Mathura & Vrindavan:

    vrindavan holi celebration

    Mathura & Vrindavan is the place where Krishna & Radha had played a lot of Raas-Leela, and Holi is the only festival that is celebrated at a huge level in these two cities.

    People from all over the world travel to these places during Holi. You can even do car hire in Delhi, to reach here! If you are traveling from different locations such as Punjab or Haryana, you can choose for car rental in Mathura from Delhi and reach these locations.


    Barsana holi celebration

    Barsana is the place near Mathura where Radha Rani took birth. Her upbringing was done in Barsana before she met Krishna. At every Holi, Krishna used to visit Barsana to play Holi with his love.

    You can easily get Delhi to Mathura Vrindavan taxi at a very reasonable cost. Just make sure, you are booking the Delhi to Jaipur one-way taxi a few days ago, because in the festival season, the rush is there, and there are chances of not getting a taxi at your suitable time.


    holi celebration in delhi

    Delhi is the heart of India and located nearby Vrindavan & Mathura. There are many resorts that book the Holi packages for tourists, and localities. You can go for car hire in Delhi and visit various locations with your friends or relatives to celebrate Holi.


    holi celebration in Mumbai

    After Ganesh Chaturthi – Holi is the festival that is celebrated by Mumbaikers. You can get a car on rent in Mumbai to visit the different areas of the city such as Malad, Goregaon, Mall Road, Kandivali, Bandra to celebrate Holi.

    Once your celebration is completed, you can visit Juhu beach or Matheran or at different beautiful locations in Mumbai to travel, and create memories with your favorite people.

    Hampi, Karnataka:

    holi celebration in Hampi

    Hampi is a place in Karnataka state that is popular for temples, and other ancient monuments that you can explore if you are really fond of exploring historical places.

    To visit Hampi, get a car on rent in Bangalore, and leave in the early morning as you need to cover the 6 hours distance. After reaching Hampi, do rest at night, and the next day, you can celebrate Holi with your friends, family & loved ones.


    Holi celebration in Varanasi

    Varanasi is known as the Ghat city and considered as one of those cities where the Holi festival plays a very crucial role. Varanasi is also considered as the city of Gods, as there are thousands of temples located which people from across the world visit to worship.

    Getting a car on rent in Varanasi is really an effortless thing to do, you can simply get in touch with Taxi Yatri, and book your favorite cab.


    Holi celebration in Amritsar

    Amritsar is a city that doesn’t need any introduction. Whenever we hear Punjab, the only few things we can visualize is the farms, food, and the golden temple located in this beautiful city.

    Punjabis are fond of festivals, and Holi is celebrated at a huge level. They all gather at one place, cook delicious food items, and celebrate the Holi festival with colors, and happiness. You can get a car rental in Amritsar, to explore the city.


    holi celebration in Jaipur

    Jaipur – the pink city, no wonder is the city of Royals. Holi celebration is incomplete for Rajasthanis without their tradition, and Jaipur is just 3 hours away from Delhi.

    Get a Delhi to Jaipur One-way taxi, and explore beautiful places like City Palace, Nahargarh, Jal Mahal, and more. You can even book a round-trip taxi from Taxi Yatri if you are planning to come back in just a day.


    holi celebration in Udaipur

    The city of Rajas and Maharajas in Udaipur. Lots of battles have been fought in the city but the pride of Udaipur is still high. Jaipur & Udaipur are two different cities which are located at a distance of 7 to 8 hours.

    So, if you are in Udaipur for the Holi celebration but lacking in the transportation medium, you can get a car on Rent in Udaipur and visit the resident to meet your people.


    Pushkar is located near Jaipur. When you visit Pushkar it is recommended that you must visit Ajmer as well. There are a lot of things during Holi to explore in Pushkar like the entire market of the city, the lights and everything. You can even do the shopping at a very reasonable price too.

    Chiku Cab Wishes You a Very Happy & Prosperous Holi

    We hope that Holi 2021 will bring lots and lots of happiness & prosperity to your life. All your problems will fade away, and you will receive blessings straight from the universe. Book or hire a cab from Chiku Cab and explore your favorite places very easily. We are looking forward to serving you with the best cab services.



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