• Benefits of Traveling in Metro Cities by Tempo Traveller

    Posted on October 16, 2023 by in Tempo Traveller/Volvo Bus

    Tempo Traveller is one of the best options for traveling in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore at the most affordable price. Tempo traveler is great for traveling with a group of friends and family, either for a short- or long-distance tour.

    Tempo Traveller has comfort facilities for travelers, like air-conditioned seats and extensible seats that you can use to sit back while traveling. Tempo travelers are also great while traveling to hill stations and out-of-station destinations. The Tempo Traveler comes with facilities like enough space for luggage, charging facilities, a wash basin facility within the Tempo traveller, Wi-Fi connectivity at high speed, safety measurements, and emergency kits.

    What is tempo traveler?

    A tempo traveler is generally considered a minibus, which ranges from 12 to 30 seats. A Tempo Traveler has more seats than a car, and it is a mini version of a bus with air-conditioned seats and luxurious facilities. It is specially designed for people who love traveling in groups and need a comfortable and reliable travel companion.

    There are different kinds of tempo travelers designed according to the user’s needs:

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    Medium-sized tempo traveler for small groups

    If you are traveling with a small group of your friends and family to visit India Gate, Qutub Minar, Red Fort, etc. in Delhi, then you can hire a tempo traveler in Delhi. This medium-sized tempo traveler provides space for your luggage, wifi, mobile, and laptop charging facilities with air-conditioned seats. Specially designed seats for kids and adults.

    20–30-seater tempo traveler for large groups

    For a large group consisting of many friends and family members, you can book a tempo traveler in Mumbai to explore the film city, Juhu Beach, Marine Drive, Gateway of India, etc. in Mumbai. The 20–30 seater tempo traveler is the best tempo for large-group visitors. Senior citizens and Tempo Traeller provide specially designed seats for their comfort. This tempo traveler also has the facility of reclining seats with a big-screen LED TV for the comfort of the travelers.

    Why we should book tempo traveler?

    The Tempo Traveler is more affordable and convenient than any other vehicle. Tempo Traveler allows you to travel with a group of your family and friends. Tempo traveller is most suitable for large group traveller as well as short group travelers at affordable prices. Tempo Traveler has enough space for your luggage. It also provides a mobile and laptop charging facility with reclined seats that you can use according to your comfort, whether you want to sit, bend, or sleep and relax. Tempo Traveler is fully air-conditioned with hygiene and regular checking of tempos by professional mechanics to ensure the safety and reliability of the users. And for further details, you can visit our website.

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    How to book Tempo Traveler

    To book Chiku Cab tempo traveler, you need to follow the given instructions:

    1. You should visit the Chiku Cab website or the application available on the Google Play Store.
    2. When you open the website or application, you will see Tempo Traveler services.
    3. Choose which services you need and click on the My Booking button.
    4. Pay the charges, and the tempo traveler will be at your doorstep the next moment.

    More about tempo travel

    Tempo Traveler also has LED TVs for the entertainment of travellers. The Tempo Traveler is stylish and well-designed according to the needs and comfort of the users. Tempo travelers can run smoothly on planes as well as in hilly places. The Tempo Traveler has extendable features like camera stands, and the seats recline as well as push back according to your comfort. Tempo traveler is used for hill station trips, outstation trips, picnic trips with family and friends, and education trips.

    Why travel with Tempo Traveler in metro cities?

    Chiku Cab is a trusted and licensed taxi service provider. We are rated 5 stars by Google and Travel Advisor. Traveling by Chiku Cab is reliable and affordable. Chiku Cab offers you a 14- to 30-seater tempo traveler with luggage facilities, an LED TV, recliner seats, special seats for kids, and wifi. The booking of the Chiku Cab service is quick and easy because our website and application are designed according to the user experience. For further details, visit our website at www.chikucab.com



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